Last Chance Witch by Alex Lidell

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1 Cover Last Chance Witch by Alex Lidell

Title: Last Chance Witch Series: Immortals of Talonswood #3 Author: Alex Lidell Genre: New Adult/Adult, Paranormal Romance / Dark Reverse Harem Romance, Bully Romance, Hate-to-Love Romance Release Date: November 6, 2020 Publisher: Danger Bearing Press

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It’s a new regime at Talonswood Reform. It’s cold and it’s cruel. And it’s Asher’s. After a violent attack leaves the academy in tatters, Asher is in charge of shaping up the place for inspection. And according to the stick-up-his-ass commander, everything that’s gone wrong here comes down to me. My power. My addictive connections with Ellis and Reese. And the tiny, fire-breathing dragon who won’t leave my side. Asher is determined to make me an enemy, but he won’t make me a subordinate. I’ve never bowed down to power-drunk males before, and I refuse to now—no matter the punishment. But even Asher himself can’t control what’s coming. A secret that could undo him. A brewing divide between fae and vampires. A centuries-old magic that ignites the air between us, no matter how much we hate each other. And if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the magic always wins… LAST CHANCE WITCH is a full-length dark reverse-harem paranormal romance. This is the third of four books in IMMORTALS OF TALONSWOOD, a new series from Amazon’s top-100 author Alex Lidell. With hot shifter-fae, delicious vampires, and one lone witch, Talonswood isn’t your normal reform school.


Book one in Immortals of Talonswood – LAST CHANCE ACADEMY: AMAZON Book two in Immortals of Talonswood – LAST CHANCE REFORM: AMAZON Book three in Immortals of Talonswood – LAST CHANCE WITCH: AMAZON

Last Chance Witch Teaser Asher


Still dressed in nothing but Reese’s oversized shirt—my old clothes having been soaked in the bleach by Wayne and his gang several disasters ago—I rub one bare foot against my shin. Though the attack on Talonswood Reform ended a few hours ago, the scent of battle still clings to my skin. Standing beside me, Ellis and Reese—half of the once close-knit group of immortal friends who nicknamed themselves horsemen—smell of blood and sweat. Beyond the window, night settles gently over the wounded Academy, the green bathed in pale moon hues. And here, inside my room…is a fire-breathing dragon. When my attention catches on him, the little creature coos and, opening a short green snout of tiny sharp teeth, melts my best pair of shoes into a bubbling leather goo. He burps a tiny puff of white smoke and turns to look at me, as if to make sure I saw it. His yellow eyes gleam with pride, the two stubby horns on his head shifting as his face splits in what can only be called a shit-eating grin. The spiky, spade-shaped tip of his tail swishes over the ground, casually toppling Mika’s desk chair. “Fuck,” I mutter, the implications of what this might mean swiping at my thoughts. A dragon. I’ve never even had a dog, and now I’m somehow bonded to an overgrown lizard that flies and destroys furniture. In my side vision, I see the down feathers from my pillows now floating in the air, my wooden dresser shredded and smoldering at the edges. Last Chance Witch Teaser enemy

About Author

Alex Lidell

Alex Lidell is the Amazon Breakout Novel Awards finalist author of THE CADET OF TILDOR (Penguin, 2013) and Amazon Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers POWER OF FIVE and MISTAKE OF MAGIC (Danger Bearing Press, 2018).

She is an avid horseback rider, a (bad) hockey player, and an ice-cream addict. Born in Russia, Alex learned English in elementary school, where a thoughtful librarian placed a copy of Tamora Pierce’s ALANNA in Alex’s hands. In addition to becoming the first English book Alex read for fun, ALANNA started Alex’s life long love for fantasy books. Alex lives in Washington, DC.


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