New Release

New Year of Dreams Anthology

 N*E*W   R*E*L*E*A*S*E

What better way to begin a New Year than by finding your soul mate.

Eight paranormal and contemporary romance stories from best selling authors celebrate the New Year and Native American folklore in this charitable collection, benefiting The Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation. From werewolf and bear shifter stories to romantic suspense, readers will fall in love along with these memorable heroes and heroines.

To learn more about the Pine Ridge Reservation, or to donate, please visit their website.

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~ Contributing Authors ~

Trinity Blacio

Kate Richards

Jamie K. Schmidt

Barb Shuler

Lia Violet

Sharla Wylde

 Tianna Xander

Wendi Zwaduk

~~ Meet the stories & authors in this collection ~~

Moon of Hard Times by Trinity Blacio 

Night-Bird Tomex heart was black and ripped to shreds, till one day he heard the Meadowlark sing her song. But it wasn’t the song that had him searching for her, no it was the massive Eagle inside him, calling telling him it was time to move on. His true mate had arrived…Could he move on?

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New Year’s Hope by Kate Richards 

Coming home for the holidays is always a jolt to the system. No matter how they stay still in our minds, those left behind always change and move on. Sometimes in ways never dreamed possible.

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The Joining of The Seasons by Jamie K. Schmidt 

With the skinwalker threat still hanging over the Navajo town of Serenity, Alpha Nizhoni Stalking Wolf must keep her tribe safe while settling into her new relationships with beta wolf Sike and the elusive Alpha wolf Tulley.

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The Hidden Prince by Barb Shuler

Loneliness. Heartache. Censure. 

His time of retribution—revenge grows closer. With the new moon coming, Flynn’s days away from taking back what’s rightfully his. His pack. His lands and the mate he thought he’d never have. His only obstacle; the brother who stole it from him.

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The Wolf Twin by Lia Violet

Craig Tso realizes he is the only one who can help werewolf Dr. Marciela Grey as she faces a health crisis. He also realizes she is his mate.  Will they be able to find love together in the New Year?

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Bear Dreams by Sharla Wylde

To repay a debt, Tasha Hunter must save a stranger. To survive a blizzard, Matt Two Bears must rely on a human. Can they overcome their instincts and trust each other?

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Willow’s Warrior by Tianna Xander 

Abandoned by his mother at birth, Waya Jones has lived life on his terms, until he meets a gorgeous, curvy woman alone and in a drug lord’s crosshairs. When the wolf inside him insists he must save the woman at any cost, the warrior listens to the beast within and takes on the role of her protector.

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Starting Over by Wendi Zwaduk

Music soothes Levon Blackfoot’s soul. He lives for the rush of the crowd and the high of performing, but something’s missing. Good thing it’s almost the New Year, the Haudeshaun. There’s no better a time to evaluate and pursue the woman he loves—Callie. If she can open her heart, they can have a second chance.

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