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Tease Me by Kally Ash

1 BANNER Tease Me by Kally Ash Book Tour

Welcome to Magic Pen Book Tours‘ organized book tour for Tease Me (Temptation #2) by Kally Ash taking place November 30 – December 4, 2020!

A second book in an adult contemporary romance series that can be read as a standalone. Check out the book and author details, tour schedule and enter international INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY.

Book Details:

1 COVER TEASE ME by Kally Ash Title: Tease Me Series: Temptation #2 Author: Kally Ash Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance / Second Chance Romance, Steamy Romance *Can be read as a standalone Release date: January, 2020 Publisher: Indie published via Vixen Publishing Pages: 238 Cover Design: Sly Fox Cover Designs add to goodreads button


It was supposed to be another shift at the bar. Until he walked in… My ex. The same guy who broke me. Evangeline Webster is still haunted by her ex. A man who dug out her heart and shattered it before her eyes. Now she lives on no-strings-sex and one night stands. She thought she was happy… Until one day, the ghost from her past walks through the door. Beau Jenkins hasn’t changed. He still makes her ruined heart pound. The question now is will she risk it all again for another shot at love?

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Evangeline Webster picked up her drink and swirled it around absently, thanking whatever god was up there that she didn’t do relationships. In front of her, her friend Chastity was ugly crying into her drink; her boyfriend had just broken up with her after four long years of blissful couple happiness. Evangeline took a sip and let the straight bourbon burn on the way down. “I heard he already got the other girl pregnant,” Chastity sobbed. Natasha, Evangeline’s best friend, sucked in a breath of air, the sound hissing through her teeth. “That bastard.” Evangeline wanted to add something comforting, something meant to lift Chastity’s spirits, but she found she just couldn’t give a fuck. She’d been watching this train wreck from the day it started. She’d seen the signs, seen the way Chastity had been too involved, too ‘into him’ from day one. She’d kept her mouth shut though. What was the point of trying to interfere? Chastity would have just told her to go and fuck herself, and that she was just jealous…and—regrettably—she would have been right. Evangeline was jealous. Not of Chastity dating Chad, but of having that intimacy with someone. She had only experienced it once before and she’d vowed never to let herself get hurt like that again. “—don’t you think, Vee?” “Huh? Sorry. What?” Evangeline shook her head, clearing away her thoughts. Everyone was staring at her, all poised to hear her words of wisdom. She guessed running a nightclub, she saw lots of different kinds of relationships. She knew people, recognized personalities. “Umm…” She swallowed the rest of the drink and winced. “Sorry, I wasn’t listening.” Chastity emitted a squeak of disbelief at her statement before tipping the rest of her cosmopolitan down her throat. Reaching out her hand, Evangeline squeezed her friend’s hand. “I am sorry, Chastity. He’s made a huge mistake.” Chastity gave her a weak smile before looking up toward the bar. “I need another drink.”



About the Author:

KALLY-LOGO-ALTKally Ash is a contemporary romance author whose passions include curling up with a good book, devouring chocolate and getting kitty cuddles. Tempt Me is her debut novel, and the first book in a three book series.

Some of her unicorn authors include Sawyer Bennett, Elizabeth Hayley and Haley Jenner.




Visit @kally.ash and @magicpenbooktours on Instagram to enter the INTERNATIONAL tour wide giveaway. 3 winners will be selected. Prize: Digital Copy of TEASE ME by Kally Ash Giveaway will end on December 6th, 2020 at midnight EST.


Tour Schedule

November 30 Journey in Bookland – Character Spotlight Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read – Promo/Excerpt @booksandbubblebath – Promo/Excerpt December 1 @eamons – Review @alawaysreding.books – Character Spotlight Valerie Ullmer | Romance Author – Promo/Excerpt @Books+Coffe=Hapiness – Promo/Excerpt December 2 #BRVL Book Review Virginia Lee Blog – Promo/Excerpt @elenna_lovereadblog_ – Promo/Excerpt Alicia’s Book Blog – Promo/Excerpt December 3 Lilly’s Book World – Review + Promo But First, Let’s Read – Promo/Excerpt 6 Feet Under Books – Promo/Excerpt December 4 KatyaRath – Review + Promo The Romance Reporter – Review + Promo @jl_books – Promo/Excerpt

Thank you for stopping by! Remember to visit other tour stops and enter the international giveaway on Instagram.

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