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Pining For Davis by Elisa Leigh

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Pining For Davis by Elisa Leigh

Series: Forever Safe Christmas II

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Amelia “Millie” Price knows she’s the joke of the town and it’s really starting to piss her off. No one in town, not even her best friend Chloe, takes her seriously. She knows she’s more than earned the title, but she isn’t the same person she used to be, and it’s about time everyone knew it. First things first, it’s time to be honest with Davis, the only guy she’s ever been able to see herself with. She shored up the courage once before and tried telling him how she felt when they were in high school, only he thought she was joking. She hopes this time will be different, and he’ll see her for who she really is, not how most people see her.

Davis Alvarez is the quiet gentle giant in his group of friends. He’s a Deputy in the town Police Department and is often looked at as the nice guy. He’s fine with being the nice guy, he just wishes Millie would go for a guy like him. Instead, he’s left being her friend, wanting to make the girl who lights up their tiny town his.

When Davis finds out that Chloe is playing matchmaker for her best friend, he knows he better make his move quickly or risk losing Millie forever!

Davis and Millie are characters you met in Hungry For Wade. This is a short, sweet, happily ever after that is sure to keep you warm this December.

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