The Blackmail of Denise Randall

💞 The Blackmail of Denise Randall Countdown 💞 The Blackmail of Denise Randall by Gail Haris will go LIVE in 5 days! Add to Goodreads → Pre-Order → Goodreads Vote → BOOK INFO: Title: The Blackmail of Denise Randall Series: The Randalls, Book 3 Author: Gail Haris Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense/Coming of Age Release Day: December 11, 2020 ::: ABOUT THE BOOK ::: She’s drowning under the weight of her lies. Denise Randall is the youngest of the Randall siblings, their perfect princess. But her perfection is nothing but a façade – one that’s carefully hidden under a crown of lies. It takes everything she has to ensure the truth remains concealed, that her true feelings and imperfections stay in the shadows where they’ve always been due to her siblings and the family drama that surrounds the Randall family. But a person can only hold so much in before it becomes too painful a burden to bear, until the cost becomes too great a price to pay. When things turn dangerous and the shadows she once lived in hold something far more sinister, she finds help in an unlikely source. Keaton Sloan, like everyone in town, has known the Randall family his entire life. He went to school with the older Randall siblings, and his best friend, Noah Wallace, is in a relationship with Denise’s older sister, Alice. It hasn’t escaped Sloan’s notice that Denise Randall has grown into a stunningly beautiful young woman. Despite his attractions, she’s off limits, not only because she’s his friend’s younger sister, but because he works for her father. Things change between them one fateful night when Denise runs into his arms. Sloan may not be a prince, but he’s willing to help keep her crown on straight and her secrets hidden in exchange for her. But this isn’t a fairytale and while he’ll willingly protect the princess, she’ll have to save herself as well before she drowns in her lies. The biggest question is how do you know the truth when it’s built on so many lies? #TheBlackmailOfDeniseRandallCountdown #GailHaris #TheRandallsSeries #ComingSoon #NewAdult #RomanticSuspense #ComingOfAge

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