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Beauty In Her Madness by Stacey Marie Brown

❄️ Beauty In Her Madness Countdown ❄️ Beauty In Her Madness by Stacey Marie Brown will go LIVE in 1 days! Add to Goodreads → Goodreads Vote → BOOK INFO: Title: Beauty in Her Madness Series: Winterland Tale, Book 3 Author: Stacey Marie Brown Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Release Day: December 8, 2020 ABOUT THE BOOK: Be our guest into this twisted tale where nothing is what it seems, and Winterland is even more dark, sexy, and naughty. Dinah Liddell has always been the responsible, sensible one. Everything in her life was structured and planned, but ever since her sister, Alice, returned from a mental institution two years ago, Dinah is slowly feeling like she is the one losing her mind. Nightmares, voices, and visions of things that should not exist crack at the walls of her sanity, bubbling up things from her childhood she’d like to keep boxed up. Especially when two of those visions are sexy as hell brothers. One warm and friendly, the other cold and bitter. There is a draw to them she can’t deny, pushing at her barriers, and ripping her sanity away. Her life was going exactly as planned—school, work, and building a life with her longtime boyfriend, Scott. But the harder she tries to keep everything in order, the faster it falls apart, shattering it like glass. Dinah’s controlled world is about to descend into madness. When the beauty breaks, the beast will arise. And it is out for vengeance… Alice in Wonderland meets Beauty and the Beast with a holiday twist. The bad-boys of Winterland are back…and they brought friends. Be careful what you wish for. #BeautyInHerMadnessCountdown #StaceyMarieBrown #ComingSoon #NewAdult #ParanormalRomance #Winterland #TheNextStepPR