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HEARTBURN by Tarrah Anders

KB Worlds invites you to help reveal the cover and blurb of HEARTBURN by Tarrah Anders releasing February 25, 2021. HEARTBURN BLURB Kindra Mason was the one in the family that no one thought would amount to anything, except she did. Growing up, she would endlessly cause trouble from sneaking out with her high school sweetheart, blowing up mail boxes to stealing from the local stores. Upon barely scraping by graduation, her family cut her off and she left Sunnyville in hopes that a change of scenery would make her a better person. When she got on her own, she realized that she wanted to show everyone that she could do better, that she could be better. And she did, but she didn’t tell anyone. She has two things planned as soon as she gets home: 1. Rid herself of the title of ‘black sheep. 2. Get Rogan Quinn, the love of her life, to fall in love with her all over again. But Rogan won’t let go of the past when it comes to her. Can she make him see that she’s changed? ⇌ Cover Designer: n/a ⇌ Hashtags: #KBWorlds #EverydayHeroesWorld #CoverReveal #BloggerLove #JillianElizabeth ⇌ Author Links: ✶ Instagram: @tarrahanders ✶ Facebook: ⇌ KB Worlds Info KBW Amazon Page: Instagram: @Kbworlds FB Group: Newsletter: