Opal from Omaha by Nora Nolan

Opal from Omaha by Nora Nolan Available at: Blurb: Can she put the trauma she has witnessed behind her to start a new life as a bride? Opal McAllister is eager to travel to Big Rock. Not only will she be reunited with her childhood friend, but she’ll be married to one of the town’s most successful men. At nearly thirty years of age, she’d begun to think she might never marry, but she always held out hope. When Amy writes to ask her if she’d be willing to become a bride of one of the many single men in Big Rock, she jumps at the chance. After corresponding with Henry Tucker for a while, she knows he is the man of her dreams. However, the situation Opal encounters on her trip to her new home affects her deeply. Henry loves his smart, funny, fun-loving new wife, but he can see that fear has taken root in her and threatens to hold her prisoner. What will it take for her to release that fear, once and for all? Join Opal and Henry on this adventure as their love soars, their intimacy shocks and sizzles, and the villains are vanquished. Publisher’s Note: This steamy Western romance contains graphic murder scenes, love scenes, and a theme of power exchange. Please do not read if any of these are offensive to you. Amazon: Universal: