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Nine Years Gone by Shelly Cruz

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What would you sacrifice for the one you love?

When Marialena Lopez flees Boston in secret, she leaves behind everything and everyone. She sacrifices herself, disrupts lives, and damages relationships—all for the man she loves.

While she knows she made the right decision for Massimo DeLorenzo, she recognizes she made the wrong decision for their relationship.

Nine years later she’s back in Boston attempting to repair the destruction she left in her wake. She still loves Massimo, but finding forgiveness means she will have to finally confess her darkest secret to him. Will the truth be enough to mend their broken hearts, and will her sacrifice have been worth it?

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I remove the frames from her face, placing them on the windowsill behind me. I run my fingers along her jawline before our mouths collide. Her lips are hot and supple. She returns my kisses softly, passionately.

I ease her back, guiding her to lie on the pillows. I kneel beside her, her long curls sprawled out around her. She looks like a fucking siren lying before me, calling out to me, luring me in.  

I want to rip Lena’s blouse open but think better of it and start unbuttoning it instead. I start at the top button and make my way down until her olive skin is exposed. She’s wearing a gray laced bra, and looking at her breasts spill over the bra’s fabric makes my dick twitch.

I cup her breasts in my hands, feeling their fullness. Her nipples perk up under my touch, and she closes her eyes, absorbing the moment, relishing in me worshiping her. I brush my knuckles down her midsection until I reach the button on her slacks and tug, causing Lena to open her eyes and nod—giving me permission to continue exploring.

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Shelly Cruz is a native Bostonian who lives in Miami, FL with her Husband and their rescued dog. She’s a Latina Lawyer who survives on cafécito and yerba maté, is obsessed with wearing lipstick, and speaks fluent Spanglish. When she’s not researching and writing legal documents, she enjoys expressing her creativity by writing fiction. She’s a lover of love, romance, and relationships, which is why she writes wicked sexy romance. In her free time, Shelly loves reading, traveling, and riding on the back of her husband’s Harley Davidson motorcycle while enjoying the open road.

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