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Penelope Cress – Isle Of Wesberrey Books 1-3

Series: Isle Of Wesberrey 
Books 1-3 
Author: Penelope Cress
Genre: Cosy Mystery 


Holy Homicide: A Rev Jessamy Ward Mystery
 (Isle Of Wesberrey Book 1)


Despite her cat allergy and her mother’s warnings of doom and disaster, Reverend Jessamy Ward is excited to return to the Isle of Wesberrey to take up her promotion as parish priest of St. Bridget’s Abbey.

Wesberrey is famous for three things: there are no cars, there are lots of cats, and there is a legendary fertility well. Shortly after Jess’s arrival, it will be famous for something else – murder!

Jess is learning that the island holds many family secrets. Her father’s mysterious death, the legend of the triple goddess and a painful and shocking scandal that unravels after she discovers the body of one of her new parishioners. There are so many loose threads that Jess begins to doubt her vocation and her sanity.

Can Jess root out the killer or will the unearthing of her own family history threaten to destroy her new life?

Holy Homicide is the first book in the exciting new Reverend Jessamy Ward Mystery Series by Penelope Cress.

Escape to a new mystery full of English charm, stray cats and endless cups of tea. Buy Holy Homicide to explore the often quirky and sometimes seedy secrets on the Isle of Wesberrey today!


Mausoleum Madness: A Rev Jessamy Ward Mystery
(Isle Of Wesberrey Book 2)


Good funerals are like buses, you wait all year for one and then three turn up at once! However, as there are no cars allowed on the Island you’ll be waiting forever for a bus. Funerals, though, seem to be the latest craze and the newly installed vicar, Jessamy Ward has plenty to keep her busy.

When a local businessman goes missing, despite her best efforts to not get involved, Rev Jess Ward finds herself caught up in the middle of a new murder mystery. Add in dancing nymphs and family pagan rituals and Jess soon learns that life on the Isle of Wesberrey is never going to be dull. Murder and intrigue are as common here as the cats and seagulls.

With her best friend gone AWOL with the handsome undertaker and her sister proving to be an unwanted distraction for the dishy police inspector. Jess finds that she is left alone to get to the bottom of this most recent murder.

Is Jess right to keep faith in her family and friends? Can she even keep faith in herself?

Mausoleum Madness is the second book in the exciting new Reverend Jessamy Ward Mystery Series by Penelope Cress.

Leave the bustle of the 21st century behind and journey to an island where there are no cars but there’s plenty of cake and crime. Buy Mausoleum Madness to uncover the strange people and events on the Isle of Wesberrey today!


Pious Poison: A Rev Jessamy Ward Mystery
 (Isle Of Wesberrey Book 3)


Jess Ward joined the Wesberrey Walkers to get fit. But it might be the death of her!

Obliged to look after her older sister’s handsome and driven Brazilian lover, Jess introduces Frederico to the local walking group. With the annual Wesberrey Walkathon a few weeks away, everyone has their sights on the prize, but is there someone in the group prepared to kill for it?

A mysterious illness lays low several walkers and Jess suspects foul play. Who would deliberately poison their competition, and how did they do it? Still unsure of the reality of her newly discovered psychic abilities, but with little else to go on, Jess tries to channel help from a higher plane.

Can Jess trust her own intuition?
Who or what is bringing everyone to their knees?
Is it a dodgy hummus, or a deadly human?

Pious Poison is the third book in the exciting new Reverend Jessamy Ward Mystery Series by Penelope Cress.

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Penelope lives on an island off the coast of Kent, England, with her four children and an elderly Jack Russell Terrier. A lover of murder mystery and cups of tea (served with a stack of digestive biscuits), she writes quaint cosy mysteries and other feel-good stories from a corner table in the vintage tea shop on the high street. Penelope loves nostalgia and all things retro. Her taste in music is also very last century.