Spyder’s Bite (Warpath MC #1) by Raven Scott and Elizabeth Knox


Spyder’s Bite  (Warpath MC #1) by Raven Scott and Elizabeth Knox

Cover Design: Charli Childs, Cosmic Letterz Cover Design

They say everyone has three great loves in their life.

But I only had one, and she was a motorcycle I’d built with my own two hands.

My bike was a testament to how far I’d come, from a gutter child to a business owner. From a bullied, quiet kid to a man with friends that’d lay down their lives to me as much as I would for them.

My bike, my business, and my buds— the three B’s that I couldn’t live without and would defend to the death.

Life was about to throw one more ‘B’ at me, though, and my life philosophy was about to get turned up on its head.

Bailey— she wasn’t fierce or outspoken, but quiet and determined.

And she was a magnet for trouble.

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