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#BRVL #12 December Author Spotlight – Holly C. Webb

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Title: Dear Ollie

Author: Holly C. Webb

Message to Readers: I hope you enjoy reading Dear Ollie as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Olivia Kennedy loves her life living in London. Having grown up in Dublin with an overbearing mother, she loves the freedom that London gave her. She also loves her job as a very popular agony aunt in a magazine. She found that giving people advice on their love lives was easy. It was just her own love life that was hard. In fact, it was a disaster. Her biggest problem was, she is in love with Grayson, a guy who runs a bar a few doors from her Notting Hill flat, but who she thinks is out of her league. What Olivia doesn’t know is Grayson is in love with her too, but she had designated him to the friendzone, and he doesn’t know how to get out of it. When Grayson offers to help Olivia with a problem, things take an unexpected turn but Olivia thinks she might have made the biggest mistake of her life, and she finds it hard to face Grayson again. But somehow love always finds a way and finally life seems like it’s going to work out. At least it does until Elise turns up. She was once the love of Grayson’s life; the one girl who he thought he could never live without. Olivia is afraid that she can’t compete with Grayson’s past. Can they find a way to have the future they both want, or will Grayson’s past and an unexpected twist stand in the way of their happily ever after?






My name is Holly and I live in Dublin with my Hubs and my two sons. I write romance with naughty bits, but I like to tackle topic that are sometimes hard for people to talk about. I have seventeen books published, most of which are standalones. I do have one series call the Murphy Boys. There are five books in the series that follow the lives and loves of the five Murphy brothers. While The Murphy Boys is a series, each story can be read as a standalone. My last release was Dear Ollie, which the story about Ollie Kennedy, and Irish girl living in London, who is madly in love with Grayson; the gorgeous guy who runs a bar down the street from her apartment. Ollie thinks Grayson is out of her league, but what she doesn’t know is, Grayson loves her too, but she has placed him in the friendzone. My next book will be released in the new year, and it’s called The Secret. It’s the story of Mae, who falls in love with James, an older guy who is perfect in every way. At least he is until she discovered he is also her father’s college best friend. When I’m not writing, I love to sketch or crochet. I love movies and I love Grey’s Anatomy. I have two Bichons called Alfie and Bailey.


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