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T.A.G. Family Christmas

🎀 T.A.G. Family Christmas is now LIVE!

The Assassins’ Guild Book 3 by A.G. Carothers

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Happy Holidays from everyone at T.A.G. Your one-stop shopping source for all your killing needs.

It isn’t all stabbings, poisonings, and shootings here at The Assassins’ Guild. We decided to pause that and take a little time to celebrate being alive, and for some, being in love.

This is your friendly communications agent, Mr. No, here to tell you about the holiday fun Mr. H and his boys got up to this one Christmas.

Once upon a time, there was a Bob. This Bob got tasked with three missions. Not just any old ordinary missions, but missions of love…

Between guarding Connor, being stalked by Enrique, and being his usual sneaky self, Bob must put into motion three big surprises for his chosen family. 

But it’s not all snowman contests and catching Mr. Ti in potentially embarrassing situations while they vacation in a chateau outside of Paris. Oh no, something is afoot. Mr. H won’t let the new problem code-named The Poacher interfere with family time.

So, take a little time out of your busy schedule and join us for a T.A.G. Family Christmas the likes of you’ll never forget. 

Attention: This story contains adorableness taken to a whole new level. There are adult situations, language, kinky snowman, and all the churros you can eat.

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