The Cursed Daughter

Aimee Shaye’s The Cursed Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Book 3)

Releases April 17, 2021

Available for Pre-Order!

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She was born of dark magick. She was destined to unite the world. 

War has been brewing in Dramolux for the past few months and is far from over between Aixeris and Treoles. Now, nothing will stop Queen Dimia from getting her hands on the dark magick she has sought to claim. Not even the fact that Queen Aymeri has beheaded the Queen of Theonidor, Aixeris’ closest ally, and has shown Dimia she will not back down. 

Will Dimia die at the hands of Queen Aymeri before she has a chance to claim the magick or will Queen Aymeri see reason and allow her to be the vessel? 

Find out in this jaw-dropping conclusion to The Cursed Kingdom Trilogy!


Free Gift With Purchase

EVERYONE who pre-orders between December 19, 2021 and April 17, 2021 will receive:

  1. SIGNED Character cards of Aymeri, Kumud, Dimia, and Drystan 
  2. A free download of The Mad Queen (Queen Ismana’s Story)

Just E-Mail Aimee Shaye at a SCREENSHOT of your order. These can also be direct messaged to Aimee Shaye’s Facebook page:

EVERYONE who uses Aimee’s cover to create a flatlay for Instagram or Facebook, will be entered to win signed copies of the entire Cursed Kingdom Trilogy. Just be sure to tag Aimee. Author links are below! 




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