Dark Prince Reigns

***Cover Reveal***

Dark Prince Reigns (Giordano Series Book 1) by Ruby Carter

Releases 14th February 2021

Genre: Mafia Romance

Cover Designer: Coffin Print Designs

DPR Blurb:

“What’s worse than Hell? Only Satan himself… I have many names, but for most, I am the Dark Prince, or Satana. You can’t change fate, and this is my fate…”

Matteo Giordano is one of the heads of the Italian Camorra, and he holds formidable power at his fingertips and a collection of dark secrets to match. Surrounded by a wealth of money and influence, he is driven only by his constant need for more, shunning emotions and attachments to protect himself from weakness as he has done for decades. His cool and calculating exterior forms the prison his inner self is locked in, but it threatens to crack when he discovers that a single unrelenting force could hold the key…

“H.O.L.Y F.U.C.K! If sex and sin had a love child, this is the man—he has both by the bucketload!”

Captivated by the breath-taking sights of Naples, Talia Adams leaves behind her quiet life in Manchester, England, to embark on a girls’ trip that quickly becomes much more. After a twist of fate results in an encounter with the enigmatic Matteo Giordano, personalities clash, sparks fly, and she quickly finds herself drawn in by a very different kind of beauty than she left England looking for. When dark fire meets dynamite, an explosion of passion will expose truths that send both Talia and Matteo reeling and rock them to the core.

As Talia begins to fall for the Dark Prince, new threats loom and a difficult decision lies ahead. Will the right choice be made?

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Meet the Author

Ruby Carter is a new author trying to find her feet as she starts this new and exciting journey.

She is a loving, fun and happy go lucky girl that took a shot at writing, after reading forever and a day.

Her first book Axe – Devils Reapers MC was a very personal and semi autobiographical book. It’s been an amazing experience already for Ruby and with the completed Devils Reapers MC series under her belt she’s ready to take on the world. One alpha male at a time.

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