Kat Wheeler’s “There is No Cloud”

Kat Wheeler’s “There is No Cloud” releases January 12th.

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You never know what’s listening….

As a sales rep for SmartTech, the world’s largest home automation company, Cameron Caldwell’s job is to keep customers happy… and buying. That means the current bane of her existence is a rival company’s home AI device, the HomeTech Hub. Her customers want to use the HTH’s voice commands to control the electronics she’s selling them—and if she wants to keep selling to them, she needs to make sure that happens. Why can’t they just ask it the weather and be happy with that?

While attempting to get tech support for one of her clients, Cameron finds something strange in a HomeTech Hub and is immediately curious. Is there something about the product no one’s supposed to know? But when people start dying, she knows something far more complex is going on, and she’s determined to find out what the technology the whole world has let into their homes actually does.

As Cameron digs deeper into something she never thought would be possible, she starts to wonder what she’s gotten herself into… and whether she’ll be able to get out.

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