Perfectly Powerless By Abigail Cole

TEASER REVEALPERFECTLY POWERLESS By Abigail Cole (@abigail_cole_author) is releasing on December 31st!
There’s a darkness at Waversea College. 

A shadow lingering behind every wall, a figment lurking beneath the surface. Most are oblivious to its deadly intentions, too distracted by their meaningless dramas to notice the caress of the wind that is silently coiling around us all. But I see it because I know where to look. I can taste the thickening of dread through the air until it clogs in my throat like tar. And the worst part is there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, because this poisonous undercurrent emanates from one man. Rhys Waversea.
Fuelled by his father’s bank account and an endless pit of boredom residing in his chest cavity, he would watch us all burn alive for his own amusement. Usually I’d be at the forefront, ready to wage the war until only one of us is left standing. But when he sets his sights on the first ray of sunshine I’ve seen in years, I must do whatever it takes to keep her safe. My amour may be tarnished, and it may have been too long since anyone thought of me as a hero, but only I can destroy this embodiment of evil. Only I can protect those who are Perfectly Powerless.
This is a contemporary dark bully romance which may have triggers for some as there are dark love-hate themes, intense flashbacks and bullying, sexual scenes and some violence. Not recommended for under 18’s or the faint of heart.

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