Title – One Last Wish Genre – Contemporary Author – KM Lowe Editor – Karen Sanders Designer – Francessca WIngfield 
Release Date – 23rd December 2020 
Christmas time is supposed to be filled with festive cheer, love, and laughter. For Brook Taylor, returning home to be with her family is about to turn her life upside down and cast a bad vibe over the holiday period.

Brook’s mother, Judy, has been given a terminal diagnosis, but little does she know that Judy has got one last wish for her daughter – to see her happy and in love with the one and only Matthew Simpson.

For Matthew, Brook was the one that got away all those years ago. She’s the one who’s always out of reach. Time and time again, his heart is broken when Brook runs. But now, with dark clouds hanging over their sleepy Scottish village nestled under the hills, enough is enough.

Life is too short, but can Brook and Matthew realise that all their problems could be solved if they just tell each other the truth?

Will Judy get her one last wish?

Only time will tell if light can be found at the end of this Christmas period. 

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