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#BRVL #3 January Author Spotlight – JP Sayle


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Title: The App Puppy Play

Series: The App

Author: JP Sayle

Message to Readers: In the world of the app you can be free to be who you are 🙂


Can an app be what Sam needs to heal his broken heart and overcome his fears after having his lower leg amputated? After being medically discharged from the army, Sam Villard applies for a job as bar manager at the Flamingo Bar. His hopes of starting a new life flourish when he downloads The App and he meets Jake Alexander, a Dom. What Sam was not expecting was to find the one man he’d offered his heart to, only to be rejected, living under Jake’s roof, Bailey Renfrew. Is Jake the answer to healing past hurts, or will old wounds work to destroy Sam’s burgeoning hope? The App: Puppy Play is an MMM gay romance with a young Dom who knows what he wants: Sam and Bailey. This is the third book in The App Series and can be read as a stand-alone. The conclusion to Sam, Bailey, and Jake’s story can be found in 3 is the Magic Number (book 3) The Flamingo Bar Series.


Is the app a dream come true for Sam, or will it take more than it gave?






Hey, I’m JP, a manxy lady of a certain age who embraces life to the full and it’s why I now write full time. I quit my job because life’s too short not to follow your dreams, right? I’ve a love of all things bookish and writing has given me an unexpected bonus, friendships all over the world. I’m lucky that I’ve a hubby who is supportive of me and the world I’m trying to create. I’ve a twin who is to blame for me dipping my toe in the MM world. My daughter isn’t so broad minded lol, but I’m sure I’ll sway her one day 😉 My one goal when I started on this epic journey was to write and take people with me on a voyage through the pages of my books. I hope I’ve achieved that.


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