The Unwilling Mrs. by Annabelle Marin


The Unwilling Mrs. by Annabelle Marin

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In the summer of 1957, Polly Carrow wins the crown of Miss Orchid in her small town pageant. She becomes the most popular girl in town but soon finds herself in bad company. After a scandal breaks concerning the newly crowned Miss Orchid, her parents are desperate to marry her off. A suitor is chosen for her, lawyer Elijah Robinson.

Elijah is everything Polly is not, responsible, practical, and stern. Unlike her other suitors, Elijah is not wrapped around her little finger, and he is not afraid to discipline his young wife. Polly has become an unwilling bride, but can Elijah make her a happy wife?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy 1950s romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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