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Wicked Liar by Faith Summers

 NOW LIVE!!! Wicked Liar: A Dark Mafia Romance by Faith Summers is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!
“My favorite in the series by far! …a dark mafia romance with so much heat, depth and action” – Amazon reviewer
“This book was amazing! Dominic and Candace’s love story had everything!” – Goodreads reviewer
“Sexy and dangerously beautiful, these Mafia men can certainly get your heart pumping and keep you hooked.” – Amazon reviewer
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Maybe it’s the angel who tempts the devil, not the other way around…
Two years ago, the angel was mine.
She didn’t belong with a mafia devil like me.
All it took was one night for me to break her wings.
She nearly died from my mistakes.
So I left.
I planned to stay away, but then my old enemies resurfaced. 
Forced to go home, I had to face her.
One look and obsession made me want her.
One forbidden kiss and I wanted her to be mine again.
One night with her and I wanted redemption.
She can fight me all she wants, but I’ll fight back to own her.
I’m the selfish devil who will do anything to get his girl back.
So when I see her in an auction, I bid.
Fifteen million dollars makes her mine for thirty days.
And that’s where our story truly begins.
When the past and present collide, I find out she has dark secrets.
As the secrets spill, nightmares come to life.
We find out who the monsters and demons truly are.
And they make me look like a saint…  
“Wicked Liar” is the third book in the Dark Syndicate series. It is a stand-alone Dark Mafia Friends to Enemies to Lovers Romance, complete with a HEA .
Please note: this book is a dark mafia romance that contains mature content, graphic violence and may contain triggers. If such materials offend you, please do not read. 
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
#2 Dark Captor
Free in Kindle Unlimited   

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