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Kismet in the Sky by Swati M.H.

Title: Kismet in the Sky
Author: Swati M.H.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 7, 2021


After sitting next to him on a flight to Delhi eight years ago, I didn’t think I’d ever see the tall, green-eyed gorgeous stranger again. 

Except in my dreams. 

But now, Clark Cooper is the COO of my company and I’m going to have a lot more to lose than just my job if we act on our undeniable attraction. 

We’ve traveled very different roads over the past eight years and carry a lot of baggage. 

We’re both fueled by guilt. My guilt adheres me to marry the man my orthodox Indian parents choose. His guilt has him running from relationships, let alone marriage. 

But you know what they say about the things we can’t have. 

We always want them.



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“Pretty sure that’s not the caramel pod you were looking for,” I tease, biting the inside of my cheek to stop an imminent grin. “Are you planning to stay in here for the rest of the day? Want me to ask maintenance to move your desk in here?” 

“No,” she says with a huff. “I-I just can’t find it.” 

She stiffens as I move closer into her space, crowding her a little more than necessary, but I’m impressed she holds her ground. I reach for the box of pods right above her head, my arm brushing hers as it lifts. I might have imagined it, but I’d swear I feel her lean in a fraction of a millimeter and take a small inhale. 

Did she just try to smell me? Looks like we have that in common. 

Picking up her palm gently and keeping my eyes steady on hers, I sweep my thumb across it before placing a pod into it. Her hand feels soft and warm inside mine but there’s no mistaking the little shake that runs through it. “How long are you planning to avoid me, Jitterbug?” 

She keeps her eyes pinned to mine, but I can feel her breath hitch before she lets out a shaky breath. To my complete astonishment, she closes her palm around my hand and her eyes move to my lips, giving me a glimpse into her desire. I can feel her want through the heat of her hand and the fever rising in her eyes. She’s imagining what I’ve imagined a hundred times since I met her–our lips and bodies colliding. 

That line seems to have moved farther away. 

The contact between our hands makes every molecule in my body buzz wildly like a swarm of bees around a honeycomb. I want to lift her against the wall, wrap her python-covered legs around my waist, burrow into her, and claim her as mine. To hell will composure and restraint–I want to do all those filthy things to her that I vowed not to do earlier! 

With our eyes still locked on each other’s lips and my heart pounding like I just snorted a line of cocaine, I lower my head toward her. And even though there’s a slight panic in her eyes, she lifts her chin toward me and licks her lips. I feel the soft exhale from her lips and I swear it makes me salivate.


I prefer to call myself a storyteller rather than an author. I’m a mom to two beautiful little girls and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband. My days start with caffeine and sometimes end with a glass (or three) of wine. 

I’m a Texas raised Indian American currently living in the Bay Area. With a degree in Computer Science and an MBA, I’ve had a successful career building software products but writing is both my hobby and my passion. 

For me, writing and reading are an escape from real life. I love meeting and creating characters who I’d love to take out for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. My goal as a storyteller is to distract my readers from their daily grind with stories about everyday couples finding and fighting for incredible love with the help of a little luck.