Nothing Average by Misty Malone


Nothing Average by Misty Malone

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There was nothing average about the small town of Pine Falls, Nebraska in the year 1891. When a resident died and left his home and estate to the town, Sheriff Nolan used it to bring seven single ladies to their town. They’d grown up in an orphanage, but after becoming of age, had nowhere to go. He offered them the use of the now vacant home, and assured them several reputable businesses were looking for help. The small town welcomed the ladies, who finally felt like they were part of a community. There was now more than one seamstress in town, the restaurant owner finally had some help, and single men had ladies to court. However, since nothing was average in Pine Falls, unusual and dangerous things started happening. Sheriff Nolan and the men courting the ladies had their hands full solving mysteries and keeping the ladies they’d come to love safe.


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