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Title: A Layperry’s Tradition

Series: For a Chance at Us

Author: Toby Wise

Message to Readers: Buckle up as we explore a new planet, a new species, and some new love. A Layperry’s Tradition came to be after brainstorming an alien mpreg idea. It’s filled with my usual fluff and happy feelings, but this time, prepare for some steamy fun that include tails and telepathic abilities. This was so much fun to write and I can’t wait for it to be on everyone’s Kindles 😀


It turns out every sci-fi movie was wrong when it comes to the whole ‘alien takeover’ thing.

On a drunken dare, Miles signs up for the Human Layperry Exchange. To Miles’ surprise, he and his best friend, Christian, are both accepted. Three years on an alien planet, learning their ways and experiencing their culture. Falling in love wasn’t part of the program but that’s exactly what Miles does.

The Layperry people have rituals and traditions when it comes to finding their mates. Timalah has always trusted these traditions, even as he falls hopelessly in love with Miles. On the day of Timalah’s mating ritual, he stands before his people, praying that Miles decides to take the leap.

Will Miles jump head first into Layperry tradition for a chance at love? Or will their differences be a bridge too long to cross?

A Layperry’s Tradition is book one in For A Chance At Us series. You’ll find mpreg, alien traditions, snarky best friends, and of course, a happily ever after.


It turns out every sci-fi movie was wrong when it comes to the whole ‘alien takeover’ thing.

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Toby Wise is a stay at home parent who hails from a small town in Wisconsin. They grew up loving to write but fell away from their passion once they became an adult. Thankfully, the world of fanfiction drew them back, forcing them to write about a pair of idiots falling in love (and sometimes engaging in acts of debauchery). As they started up their journey of writing once more, they realized there were a plethora of characters in their head that needed their story told, birthing ‘A Collection of Strays’.
When Toby isn’t writing fanfiction or original books, they’re likely chugging coffee and shaking their head at their kiddo.



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