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For those who like a light hearted HEA and plenty of humor with their sexy time, The Boyfriend Designer is for you. Christopher is also running special deal – pre-order for discounted price of 0.99 and email christopher at: and he’ll send you a FREE copy of The Three Kiss Clause (125 reviews on Amazon)

Release date: February 14th

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I just opened my eyes, and I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

Both of us seem to be missing our clothes, but that’s not the most shocking part of this situation—it’s that my arch enemy, cocky ass male influencer and overall jerk, Conor Durden, is sprawled out on my sheets, naked as the day he was born.

I don’t remember last night, but I think I broke the cardial rule:


I swore to myself that no matter how hot he is, and no matter how much his alpha male persona secretly makes me melt inside, I’d never end up here after what he did to me.

I’m Shoshana. I have my own YouTube channel called the Boyfriend Designer where I ask women about their ideal guy, but last night has left me with a question of my own: did I just become Conor’s girlfriend, or another one of his many conquests. 

Guess I’ll find out soon.


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