SUGARLOAF RIDGE SECRETS by Jennifer Ryder is coming February 19!
SRS will be moved into KU shortly after release so make sure you grab it on your preferred platform!

My chin quivers as I stare into his tired eyes. Eyes that bear the hurt of a past he’s kept secret from so many. 
“I don’t know how to feel,” I blurt out and swallow a sharp breath. I sob into my free hand, unable to keep it together.
“Now, now.” He draws me into a hug and lets me cry on his shoulder. I’m not sure how long he holds me before I regain some sense of composure.
The old man takes my hands in his and shuffles his feet. “I’m a man of few words, Daynah. There’s somethin’ I want ya to remember.”
I sniff back and nod. “Okay.”
A weary smile curls at his lips. “Family is born out of love, not blood.”

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