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Title: Blindspot

Series: Daydream, Colorado

Author: A. M. Rose

Message to Readers: There is a short story prequel to the series available for free to people who sign up for our newsletter so feel free to snag that before book 1 comes out 🙂


Standing out in a town like Daydream, Colorado should have been impossible to do, yet somehow Drew managed. All his life he had been the one everyone was looking at when he walked down the street. No matter how hard he’d tried to fit in, fingers pointed at his back and whispers followed his every step. Until it all got too much and he’d left Daydream. For good.

Among all the special people in Daydream, Mason was just a bit more special. He had the ability to see all sorts of things; private conversations, someone’s biggest mistakes, and their tiniest, most insignificant moments. But even with this ability to glance into the future, he didn’t see Drew leaving Daydream for good. He didn’t see Drew breaking his heart. And he definitely didn’t see him coming back.

**This book is the first in a series. It contains magical settings, best friends-turned lovers-turned strangers, a second-chance romance, and a lot of likable supporting characters. While it can be read as a standalone it’s best enjoyed with the other titles in the series.


magical realism, small town feels, best friends to lovers, second chance romance, quirky inanimate objects, all the feels

#PreOrder #LGBT #Fantasy


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A. M. Rose is a pseudonym that hides two very nerdy personas. They met 7 years ago fangirling over fictional characters someone else created and thought…why not try and create some of our own. They live in different countries but that doesn’t stop them from being best friends, sisters, accomplices and more than likely, each other’s alibis (should anyone ever need one…they’re very much anti-crime…mostly). They enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, good books, music, traveling, dogs and planning new books that’ll take them ages to actually write. They’re master procrastinators, lovers of dad jokes and puns (well one of them is, the other one just suffers in silent resignation), and sarcastic to boot. And they’re really glad you decided to pick up their book and spend some time in their world.


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