The Young and The Sinner by V.T. Do



The Young and The Sinner By V.T. Do (@authorv.tdo) is Coming on February 15th!


Olivia Williams is everything I’m not supposed to want. Pure. Sweet. Young.
I know better than to seduce an innocent. I know better than to fall for my brother’s ward. There is just something about her that I can’t get enough of. Something I can’t stay away from.
I tried to resist her in the beginning. Tried to leave her alone—let her heal from her family’s mistake. Let her grow up in that happy existence she is trying so hard to build with my brother.
Then tragedy strikes, and I find I can no longer stay away from her. I want to protect her from every hurt in this world, protect that innocence in those deep, brown eyes. But can I protect her from myself? What happens when you’re the reason the girl you love is hurting? What happens when you are the villain in her fairy tale? Can she ever forgive me for my past sins? And more importantly, would she want to when all of my hideous secrets come to light?

Mason Kade is everything I’m not. Dominant. Confident. Beautiful…
I know better than to fall for that enigmatic smile of his. I know better than to fall for my guardian’s brother. There is just something about him that makes me want to sink in a little deeper each time. He is the one temptation I can’t abstain from. Even when he tries to resist us, I see the truth in those bottomless blue eyes of his. He wants me. And I will do whatever it takes to keep him.
I should have listened to his warning instead. I know better than to build my hopes and dreams on a fairy tale. Yet, I naively thought he would be my happily ever after.
That’s my mistake. 


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