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The Franklin Chemists


Middle Grade

Published: December 2020

Publisher: Warblebox

Elephant Toothpaste… submarines… rockets and a chase across the lakes of England. This book follows the adventures of Hannah and George as they find themselves on an unexpected adventure with their scientific Aunt Rosalind. When she disappears, they must protect her biggest scientific discovery from two scientists intent on stealing it as their own.

A fun and enjoyable STEM tale from an exceptional author.

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One Thousand-Eyed Spies

Publisher: Warblebox

Published: June 2018

Middle Grade

One Thousand-Eyed Spies is a fantastical middle-grade children’s story about Gopi, a hapless soldier who is tasked by his Queen with a quest to save the White Island. Gopi must cross an ocean, battle a sea dragon and deliver the heir to the Island to the Upper World and to safety until he is ready to return and fight for his legacy.

Eleven years later and Nana tells her grandson Jag the story of the White Island and how it came to sink to the bottom of the sea. Jag soon realises that there is more to his history than he has been told and a great sea voyage delivers him to a very different destination, one which exists many leagues under the sea and where he must fight for his destiny and the future of the White Island.



Listen.” She leant forward, whispering. “Between you and me, I don’t really like children. In fact, they’re just about my least favourite animal in the whole world. Worse than spiders. I just can’t bring 9 myself to care about your little plastic toys or your annoyingly loud games or your shocking lack of vocabulary. What’s your name?” “George.” “And yours?” “Hannah.” “It doesn’t matter, because I’ve forgotten you already,” confided Mrs Muddle. “I see forty, maybe fifty children just like you every week. If I cared about every child that I sent away from their family, it might make me sad; and you wouldn’t want me to be sad, would you? So instead, I don’t care. I don’t lose any sleep. I don’t shed a tear. Not ever.”

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Villain of Secrets by L. A. Cotton

 TEASER REVEAL!!! Villain of Secrets by L. A. Cotton releases February 10!!!
He can’t resist the girl who sees past the darkness in his soul and she can’t give up on the guy who has never been taught how to love…
Pre-order now!!!
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Nora Abato is the kind of girl people gravitate to.
Sassy. Selfless. Stubborn.
She knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it. And Nora wants her very own mafioso, the bad boy with a tortured soul who will do whatever it takes to protect his family.
Enzo Marchetti is the kind of guy people run from.
Rash. Reckless. Ruined.
As the Marchetti crime family’s new enforcer, he’d rather spend his days getting his hands dirty than thinking about the future, or the girl with fire in her eyes and fight in her heart.
When a new enemy threatens the Marchetti empire, Enzo and Nora suddenly find themselves in close confines, and the undeniable connection between them is pushed to its limits. He can’t resist the girl who sees past the darkness in his soul and she can’t give up on the guy who has never been taught how to love.
There’s only one problem.
Enzo isn’t Nora’s fairytale prince, he’s the villain who will destroy her dream of a happily-ever-after.
He’ll break her…
If she doesn’t break him first.
#1 Prince of Hearts
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#2 King of Souls
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Filthy Sex by Serena Akeroyd

 TEASER REVEAL!!! Filthy Sex by Serena Akeroyd releases January 28!!!
“Beyond phenomenal!!! …I absolutely loved Filthy Sex! Serena Akeroyd is an incredible storyteller.” – Amazon reviewer

“Can you say BOOK HANGOVER!!!!! …Serena is hands down amazing! You get so swept away in the book, nothing else exists.” – Amazon reviewer

“I couldn’t stop reading this incredible page turner! Filthy Sex is my new favorite book in the Five Point Mob collection! …A definite binge worthy must read!” – Amazon reviewer
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He was the last man I should turn to.
A forbidden taboo that no woman wanted to cross.
Worse still, he’s no one’s idea of a white knight.
But this pawn has no alternative.
I’m locked in a war that’s not of my making, and I’m tied to a destiny I have no say in.
For someone like me, Brennan O’Donnelly represents something intangible—safety.
A single promise unlocks options I didn’t dare dream of possessing…
A future.
A family.
He’s hard. He’s dangerous. He’s filthy.
Yet, somehow, he’s exactly what I crave.
Now I just need to make him see me for what I am—his Queen.
If he’ll have me.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Filthy Rich
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Filthy Dark
Free in Kindle Unlimited


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Playing for You by Aurora Paige

Title: Playing for You
Series: Hot on Ice, Book 1
Author: Aurora Paige
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 14, 2021

Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty – “This book was pretty steamy!!! I love when a female lead is strong and can handle life like a boss!!”
Vxhexn_reads – “Get ready to binge this beauty!! Love, loss, insecurity, determination, and pure unadulterated need play off the page with such ferocity that you won’t be able to put this book down until you’ve read it from cover-to-cover.”
A_brunette_bookworm – “This books is steamy and hot and Aurora Paige did a great job with it. I cannot wait for more!”

She’s a curvaceous vixen who owns the hottest lounge in Los Angeles.

He’s a sexy hockey goaltender who plays the game off the ice more than on.

What happens when a one-night stand becomes more?

Twenty-eight-year-old, voluptuous, Filipina-American, Arianna Santos has the hottest spot in LA nightlife. When her grandfather has a major stroke and there’s a low chance of recovery, she inherits from him the worst team in the National Hockey League, the San Francisco Storm. Without knowing anything about hockey or running a hockey franchise, Arianna needs to prove to the all-boys club that a well-educated, minority female owner has a place in the industry. The Storm General Manager insists that she learn about hockey from the new goalie, Blake Collins.

Tall, toned, and hazel-eyed, Blake Collins has the swift moves on the ice as the California Crusaders goaltender, continuing the Collins goalie legacy of Stanley Cup Championships his father and grandfather established for the team. When a knee injury affects his game and attitude on the ice, he gets transferred to the San Francisco Storm as their only hope of making it to play-offs. As the player with the most knowledge and skills passed from generations of great hockey players, Blake is forced to teach the new knows-nothing-about-hockey owner, Arianna Santos, about how the hockey world works.

Blake and Arianna’s animal attraction to each other gives them a passionate one-night stand in LA that doesn’t end as they expected. Will their reunion cause a riff in the organization? Will they both play nice to one another for the sake of the team?

Aurora Paige is a healthcare professional by day and a writer of steamy contemporary romance with sassy heroines and sexy heroes at night. Each Aurora Paige story delivers a variety of Curvy Heroines, Multicultural relationships, Alpha Heroes, Steamy Heat, and a Guaranteed Happily Ever After.

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The Dragon and The Phoenix by Darla Stone

Title: The Dragon and The Phoenix
Series: Amelia (Ami) Jane Gray #3
Author: Darla Stone
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 27, 2021
Cover Design: Stargold Cover Designs

Amelia and Sloane once again find themselves in the thick of things when they come face to face with Jack Cranston and the wolves at his command. Cornered and with no way out Sloane and Amelia find that they are in trouble with only one hope, Mathias and his speed.

Mathias raced back to the pack with not only a spy but also the real fear of Sloane and Amelia being in a life or death situation. This wasn’t the most ideal position to be in but Mathias’ resolve and determination were forces to be reckoned with on their own, especially when it came to his mate. 

Brevan, reeling over the loss of a wolf not only under his command but one that he considered a friend, realized only after the fact, that his mate Amelia was in trouble. As an overwhelming fear pressed against him like a tidal wave crashing to the shore.

Are there any other players in this puzzle that have yet to be revealed? What other secrets are to be uncovered? When will these friends and loved ones finally find their happily ever after or is that even possible?

Find out what happens in the exciting conclusion of the Amelia Jane Gray series!

Chapter 1
Amelia (Ami) Jane Gray:

Jack Cranston stood before Sloane and me. He was a painful ghost of Sloane’s past, and he, along with four wolves, trapped us between our new home in Pack Lingwir and what I would consider one hell of a fight. My mates Brevan and Mathias, along with Emmer and Cash, two other members of the pack, just came through the trees. All four of the men were in wolf form, and they were doing their best to be utterly menacing as they growled at the intruders. They’d seen Sloane’s distress fireballs, while I was confident Brevan and Mathias felt my panic through our unbreakable bond. 

Slowly I turned to Jack and informed him of his new situation. “Jack, you are so screwed.”

Jack let out an ear-piercing cry of frustration. Once again, I’d completely messed up his plans. I also wondered if whomever he answered to would be as patient and understanding as Newton was. Poor Newton Peabody met his end in a very unseemly way. Newton was unceremoniously decapitated. His head was thrown defiantly into the celebration at the packhouse as we celebrated our mating ceremony. 

As Jack let out his cry, Brevan and Mathias moved to stand in front of me. Emmer and Cash took a position in front of Sloane, and we were all in a virtual stalemate. Jack quickly realized he was going to lose this fight. In true coward fashion, Jack turned and ran in the opposite direction. To my surprise, Sloane leapt over Cash and Emmer in pursuit of Jack. It appeared Sloane was out to put an end to the psychopath’s reign of terror. There was no way I could allow Sloane to go after him alone. Sloane was my brother, and I would always have his back no matter what.

The wolves circled each other, and when the wolf in front of Emmer lunged, the fight began. My concern was, how was I going to get through the large mass of flying fur and to my brother, who already held an enormous lead on me as he pursued Jack. Suddenly, an idea struck me! If I could summon enough energy to conceal myself, I would be able to maneuver around the fighting wolves and follow my brother. Quickly I cast, “dolth gwathren” and melted into the shadows. As I skirted around the wolves, my spell dropped, but not before I was clear of the melee. Adrenaline filled my body as I took off after Sloane. As I ran, from somewhere behind me, I heard the cry of a wolf and prayed no one from our pack was harmed.

We were on pack lands, and I knew them fairly well at this point. I managed to track the pair of men with their footprints in the soft earth and quickly caught up to them. As I loosened my swords from their sheaths, I approached their fight with a great deal of caution. Sloane fought well against Jack, but Jack was slightly more skilled, which was another surprise. When did Jack learn to use a sword? I needed to cause a distraction to help Sloane and give him the upper hand. There was only one surefire way to grab Jack’s attention, my radiant wit. I tucked my swords under my arm and spoke.

“Jack, well done for an old man,” I laughed out as I applauded. “What did you do, study swordplay for dummies?” As I hoped, Jack snarled, Sloane took advantage of the opportunity and knocked the sword clear from Jack’s hands. 

When I thought we held the advantage, a new figure emerged. She was a tall blond woman with all too familiar features and a harsh glare. Even though I registered who she was on some level, my dread kept me in denial. There was just no way she was who I thought. Brevan told me she passed away, which was why her daughter ran Pack Lumen. A pack that was initially run by the very ghost of the woman who was standing behind Jack.

“Jakkel, it is time for us to leave. We will not be successful this evening.” The woman called Jack, ‘Jakkel.’ 

“Lycandra, we can’t leave these two whelps here. They’ve now seen you and know too much.” Jack came back with, and in doing so, confirmed my worst fears.

Lycandra, the original leader of Pack Lumen and mother to both Brevan and Aerin, stood there live and in Technicolor. The deceiver and master manipulator of everyone around her. She looked every bit the part that Brevan described to me. What I didn’t understand was why she faked her death. What was the point? She had everything, power, money, and, most importantly, her pack. What else was it she wanted? How did she get the Queen of the Alfar to aid her in her quest? Lastly, what did Sloane and I have to do with it all?

As these questions flew through my mind, Brevan came running up behind me in his wolf form. At the sight of his mother, he pulled up short, and I could see even his wolf, was stunned at her appearance—no one expected to see the mother of my mate alive and well. I gathered my senses, grabbed the back of Sloane, and pulled him back toward the direction of the packhouse. Not one of us was prepared to confront the likes of Lycandra. If I learned anything about the woman in question, she would already have plans A, B, and C in place to cover her ass.

“Sloane, we aren’t ready for this fight. Jack’s one thing, but this witch is Brevan and Aerin’s mother,” I warned my brother. As I spoke the words, the warning registered and the witch cackled. 

“You see, Jakkel, she can be taught respect,” Lycandra cooed to Jack in a sick sort of way.

“Lycandra, don’t mistake caution for respect. Respect is earned, and that isn’t something you have done. After all, you wouldn’t approach a poisonous snake on a whim. You, in this scenario, are the poisonous snake just in case you didn’t get the hint.” I felt the analogy fitting since it was a poison that she used to kill Lady Lylaine and ruin poor Marta’s life. 

As Sloane and I backed away, Brevan took point in front of the two of us. While his eyes were still full of the realization his mother was indeed alive, he was also aware of his commitment to protect Sloane and me. Brevan’s gaze didn’t waver from the spot his mother stood on. 

He was determined Sloane and I would make it out of this in one piece. 

We still lacked critical information in this game of move and counter move. Lycandra was the one who’d been pulling the puppets’ strings all along, and I retained several questions to which needed answers. The distance between our two parties grew larger. That was when the other members of our pack caught up to us. Mathias was the only one who didn’t stop when he reached Sloane and me. He in wolf form chased after Lycandra and Jack.

“Mathias, NO!” I yelled, but it was too late.

Mathias was so fast that in one breath, he tackled Jack and forced him to the ground. Lycandra screamed, and the fury she unleashed was like nothing I’d ever seen before. In swifter movements, then even what I witnessed from Brevan, she pulled out a dagger and ran it through Mathias’ shoulder. Sloane managed to cast one last fireball and threw it at Lycandra, which caused her to run off, leaving Jack behind. Brevan ran to Mathias’ side and crouched down as he snarled at Jack. Jack wasn’t going anywhere. We acquired a prisoner from the opposition. Perhaps we could finally get some information. 

My real concern was the dagger in Mathias’ shoulder. If Aerin learned her poison trick from her mother, he was in a great deal of danger, and we didn’t have a vampyr on hand who could suck the poison out. It wouldn’t take long for the poison to seep into his system, and by my calculations, the clock was running out extremely fast.

A gut-wrenching dread flooded me at the thought of Mathias dying from the dagger which was lodged in his shoulder. I couldn’t lose my heart. He was the ocean upon my shore, and I couldn’t picture him coming to an end at the hands of yet another deranged and diabolical woman. Aerin was a ball of non-compos mentis, but her mother was the original queen of evil. Like angels from heaven, General Pax and four of his men descended upon our location. They weren’t a full squadron, but enough of them came to our aid to manage what needed to be done. I moved swiftly over to the General. 

“General Pax, I’m so glad to see you! We have a situation we greatly need your help with.” I began in the way of an explanation.

“Mathias and I need to be taken to Lord Oren or Lady Nova right away. He was stabbed with a blade belonging to Lycandra, and I fear it might’ve been laced with poison. We also have a prisoner that Brevan is guarding. Lycandra called him Jakkel, but I know him as Jack Cranston. He needs to be locked up until we can question him.” I finished my explanation as quickly as it began. There was no time to waste hanging around. 

“Did I hear you correctly? Did you say Lycandra!” The General was dumbfounded.

“Yes, General. Lycandra stabbed Mathias and we need to move like now! The longer we wait, the more danger Mathias will be in…” desperation filled my voice. 

General Pax rushed over to Mathias and scooped him into his arms. Pax also ordered two of his men to stay behind and help Brevan. I went to the remaining guard and wrapped my arms around him as tightly as I could. I hadn’t flown by Gargoyle since the night on the beach after we washed up on the shore of the island, but it was a feeling I’d never forget. The take-off was rough, but when a Gargoyle glided on the breeze, it was unlike any other sensation that I experienced. While we soared high above the land as the trees and ground passed, there was a feeling of freedom. At least this time, I wasn’t headed to the prison at the council hall. My only wish was to get my mate the help I knew he desperately needed.


Hello everyone, I would like to take a moment out to introduce myself. I am Darla A. Stone, Author of the Amelia Jane Gray series. Writing in the genre of Fiction and Romance has been a long time dream of mine. The first novella that I ever wrote was a single copy release and was specially written as a gift for a family member. With their support, along with the support of my loving husband, I took the plunge to become a published author. I am very excited to bring to you the worlds in which I have created.


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Forever After All by Catharina Maura

Title: Forever After All
Author: Catharina Maura
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 17, 2021
Cover Design: Damoro Design

From the author of The Tie That Binds comes another spellbinding marriage of convenience novel.

I’m ready to sacrifice my dignity if it will save my dying mother. Or so I convinced myself as I walked into a gentlemen’s club, ready to trade my body for my mother’s life. 

I didn’t expect Alexander Kennedy to be there. I didn’t expect him to stop me. And I certainly didn’t expect him to propose a marriage of convenience.

Elena Rousseau, a heiress fallen from both riches and grace.

I know she’s not right for me – she’s far from the meek trophy wife I’m after. But if she’s going to sell herself to anyone, it’ll be me.

Catharina Maura writes deliciously angsty romance novels that’ll give you all the feels. You’ll usually find her daydreaming about the characters that waltz through her thoughts, begging for a happily ever after.

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Lookin’ For Mr. Right

Lookin For Mr Right Banner

Blog Tour & Excerpt:

Lookin’ For Mr. Right: A Charity Anthology

Lookin' For Mr. Right Offical Cover

Lookin’ for love?

Finding love is never easy, but when these men go on their journey to find Mr. Right, we find out just how right it is. From funny and sweet to steamy and unexpected, these are sixteen stories you won’t want to miss.

Look for love in all the right places.

Lookin’ For Mr. Right is a limited edition charity anthology and all proceeds from this set will be donated to The Trevor Project.

Universal Link


Mr. Right collage (one)

Excerpt From Catching Kalen by Maya Nicole & Britt Andrews

His eyebrow lifted mimicking the corner of his mouth. “Monroe. And you are?” He sat back against the stool, cool as a cucumber, but there was something about him that made my heart race. Annnnd that was ridiculous. He’d said like… three things to me, but it was really about the way he carried himself, like he could decimate a man with his brain or some shit. Fuck, the tequila was kicking in. “Kalen,” I replied as the bartender put our drinks down. Monroe slipped her a bill, telling her to keep the change. He picked up his glass of whiskey and motioned for me to do the same. “Well, Kalen. What should we toast to tonight? New adventures? Good times?” An emotion I couldn’t place flashed across his face, and I swallowed, my throat suddenly tight. “All of the above,” I rasped, pushing my glass against his before throwing it back, shutting my eyes as the liquid burned going down. As I opened my eyes, I brought my glass down, and a little drop of liquor slid down my chin. Monroe’s eyes tracked its path, and before I could lift my hand to wipe it away, his thumb swiped it off my warm skin. I sat there frozen. What the hell was that? Blinking, I glanced around the bar, but nobody was paying any attention to the man who just wiped tequila off of my face with his thumb. Since I was a glutton for punishment, I looked over at him. He was smirking at me. Smirking. All I could do was stare in fascination as he took the thumb that was still wet and popped it into his mouth. Jesus Christ. My cock twitched in my jeans. I didn’t know what was happening, but I felt really hot and confused… and hot. I needed to get out of there.
LfMR available now 3

The Trevor Project

Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 7.40.20 pm Pink Mr. Right Collage

The Authors Involved include:

J.J. Riley & Suki Gale A.J. Macey Tiegan Clyne Joanne Ganci Kinkaid Knight Logan Grey Bee Murray & CJ Vincent Helena Novak Charlotte Brice Aspen Black Sariah Skye Maya Nicole & Britt Andrews Adora Crooks

Along with Inked Imagination Publishing

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Genre: Romantic Comedy | Contemporary Romance



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Starting a new job is stressful enough. Yet, on day one, security guard Aaron Boone is beyond panicked when he realizes his charge for the next few days is the gorgeous blonde he slept with the night before—who seems to be his boss’s wife. So much for an innocent one-time fling. She insists she’s not a cheater, but regardless of an epic misunderstanding, he’s determined to at least see to his duty and finish the assignment. If only it could be that simple.

Felicia Arlon isn’t just a stand-in fiancée for an old friend. She’s a successful influencer, about to finish a long-running challenge benefiting a worthy charity. With a few days to completion, she’s delayed while she heads off to a solo “honeymoon” in Kauai.

She’s not alone, though, with her one-night stand tagging along, making her wish for things she can’t have.

Can anything positive come from the forced proximity of two strangers—with the lies and assumptions standing between them?


Amabel Daniels lives in Northwest Ohio with her patient husband, three adventurous little girls, and a collection of too many cats and dogs. Although she holds a master’s degree in Ecology, her true love is finding a good book. When she isn’t spending time outdoors, she’s busy brewing up her next novel, usually as she lets her mind run off with the addictive words of “what if…”



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Finally A Bride by Colleen Charles


Finally A Bride by Colleen Charles is LIVE!

Amazon —
Universal —
Only 99c or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

I left my perfect fiancé at the altar.

After fleeing the scene of the crime, I swore off men for good.
But leave it to bumbling me, the woman of many imperfections, I end up in a small town in Northern Minnesota…
Sans women.
And nursing the raw wounds of his betrayal.
How do these things keep happening to me?
Enter Knight Evermore.
Tall. Huge. Imposing. Muscles upon muscles.
Upon muscles.
Our meet cute happens when a bad, bad man puts his hands on me.
With his heart of gold, and his mighty steed… er, bear… he saves the day.
He might even be able to save me. 


Finally A Bride is a fairytale-inspired Valentine’s standalone romance, featuring a BBW and the man who inspires her to be her best self. The loveable cast of characters includes critters and humans of all shapes and sizes.