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7 Minutes To Freedom


7 Minutes to Freedom: Simple Writing Meditations to Liberate Your Writing and Your Life

Self-help, creativity, personal growth, writing prompts, journalling, personal transformation

Date Published: January 28, 2021

Publisher: North Spirit Publishers

Have you always longed to express your innermost thoughts in writing but thought it impossible because you’re not a writer? Do you wish you could quiet the voice in your head, lose the self-doubt, and write to your heart’s content? What if you could let go of limiting beliefs, build a joyful daily writing practice, and discover your authentic voice and your authentic life?

Freedom is closer than you think. Freedom to write and rewrite your life. Freedom to write yourself happy, clear, and free. Seven minutes at a time.

7 Minutes to Freedom offers a roadmap for writers and nonwriters to find their voice, embrace their creativity, and radically transform their writing and their life. It is a practical guide to summoning your courage, writing through challenges to create a dream life, boosting your creativity, gaining insight, and improving your relationship with yourself and your writing,

This book is written for experienced writers, novice writers, nonwriters, those burnt out by the creative process, and those who have struggled to share their thoughts, ideas, and voice. It is meant for anyone interested in self-discovery, creativity, and deep spiritual insight.

With one hundred simple and powerful seven-minute writing meditations to use as guideposts to creative freedom, this book will help you rediscover the joy of writing, build new daily habits, and embrace the freedom that comes with knowing you can write and live without fear.

Use the powerful meditations in this book to learn exactly how to:

  • Overcome writer’s block and develop your authentic voice
  • Quiet your inner critic and build a joyful daily writing practice
  • Abandon limiting beliefs and self-judgment
  • Unlock your creative potential
  • Reconnect to parts of yourself you’ve neglected
  • Cultivate gratitude and focus, and change the course of your life
  • And so much more!

If you’re ready to make powerful discoveries about yourself and improve your writing life forever, the writing meditations in this book are the perfect tools to help you find your way to writing and living without fear. Get your copy today to discover just how far freedom, clarity, and inspiration can take you!


­Is this book for you?

If you are reading this book, you are ready to get curious about yourself. By using the prompts in this book, you can gain direct access to your wisdom and intuition, discover your secrets, and find your authentic voice.

You don’t have to be a writer to benefit from this book. In fact, this book will help you discover your voice and liberate your writing process. If you are a writer, this book can help you strengthen your creative muscle and deepen your relationship with yourself and your writing. It will give you newfound clarity on the habits of mind that separate you from the life you want to be living.

Why this book?

Each of us knows the difference between flying and feeling stuck. This book invites you to fly. Writing is a form of flying. It’s a deep meditation on the meaning of your lived experience – a way of exploring your external and internal worlds. Writing is a wonderful tool for self-discovery. It invites you to access your soul and its guidance. It keeps you honest and teaches you how to grow by paying attention to each moment. What does this moment want to tell you? What questions does it contain? Where are you stuck? What can you learn there so that you can break free and fly again?

This book invites you to explore yourself by responding to simple writing invitations. It offers a hundred ways to write yourself free and fly again in your writing and your life. It contains a hundred invitations to write yourself clear, write yourself well, and write yourself home. This book will help you cultivate focus, attention, and clarity. It will help your writing become effortless and spontaneous. It will help you discover an authentic voice and an authentic life by attuning to your thoughts and feelings. It will make your relationship with yourself and your writing more true. It will show you how to experience each moment of your life more fully.

Writing is a form of meditation. It is also a form of prayer. You can write to ask, and you can write to hear the answers. You might not know the answers yet, but you have the power to ask powerful questions. And if you ask, life always answers.

Writing is not separate from life. The same beliefs that inhibit our writing inhibit our living. Writing is a great tool for seeing through these unhelpful beliefs. Gaining clarity on our beliefs makes our writing clearer, and in turn, writing adds clarity to our lives. While we’re working on our writing, writing is working its magic on us. It’s a win-win.

As the famous author Julia Cameron writes, “We should write because humans are spiritual beings and writing is a powerful form o­­f prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance as well. We should write because writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living.”

Last wishes

I have a few last wishes as you embark on your journey towards yourself. Writing often becomes a place for self-judgment and perfectionism, but it doesn’t have to be. Writing is a form of flying. Honour your own way of flying. Don’t judge what you have written. I hope you use this book to spread your wings and fly.

In the last chapter, I include my own freewriting explorations of the topics in this book. I’m sharing my own raw unfinished writings to inspire you to write freely. Notice how imperfect my writing form is. Notice how I digress and leave the prompt behind and follow my pen and my heart wherever they take me. Feel free to do the same. Playfully. Without a concern for the form.

Try writing with the attitude of playfulness and self-care. Be curious and courageous. Be accepting of your words and your thoughts. Be honest. It is for your eyes only. Don’t worry about writing correctly. Step boldly into the fire of self-inquiry and get ready for some powerful insights. Be spontaneous and fresh, and don’t rush. It’s all there to be discovered and revealed in due time. What you force won’t be true, but what you discover might change your life. As an experiment, trust your hand to reveal what your head might not know.

Why write?

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.


Why write? Why express anything when silence is already perfect? Why fly towards a secret sky? The truth is I don’t really know. Perhaps to reveal another shade of silence, another note, another breath. To cause the veils of untruth to fall.

Writing is like a fountain. The heart doesn’t ask where the fountain gets its water—it opens to the flood of writing coming in. Writing is like air. I breathe it in so I can go on living. Have to take another breath, write another line, forgive the line before for coming out awkward, silly, or incomplete. Writing teaches forgiveness, compassion, humility, and acceptance. Nothing needs to be perfect. It already is, in all its imperfection.

I fell in love with writing as a form of revelation, a tool for honesty and self-disclosure. Whatever is hiding beneath the surface can be seen. There is no power in the little me to cause the veils to fall, but writing, on the other hand, is a mystical force that reveals its power to those who can appreciate it. I have written almost daily for thirty years and found that the more I understand myself, the more authentic my voice is. Writing has been my prayer. It has been my teacher, and I forever remain its apprentice. I hope you, too, never stop exploring your heart.

About The Author

Natalya is an award-winning writing and dissertation coach with over two decades of experience teaching writing. She has coached professional writers and university writers of all skill levels–students, staff, and faculty. Natalya currently runs Writing and Graduate Student Support at Ryerson University in Toronto, where she also teaches Writing for Wellness to staff and faculty and acts as a dissertation coach for graduate students.

Her passion is helping writers become more courageous, authentic, and kind to themselves. Through individual coaching, writing groups, and writing retreats, she has helped hundreds of writers to break through blocks and find inspiration, a more authentic voice, and a greater freedom in their writing and their life. Her doctoral research also focused on the intricacies of the writing process, exploring the relationship among the poetic, the feminine, and the sacred.

She lives in Toronto, Canada, and when she is not writing or meditating, she loves to play tennis, practice yoga, or sit by the water and cloud watch for hours. In her own writing practice, spanning three decades, she discovered that beliefs we have about our writing are not different from the beliefs we have about ourselves, so a new way of writing often translates into a new way of living. What was impossible becomes probable and even likely when we learn to write and live without fear.

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The Desert Sage Inn Series, Book 1

Romantic Women’s Fiction

Release Date: January 28, 2021

Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing

Three talented women brought together by a man’s love…

When Rose Macklin is asked to help Alec Thurston, the one man she’s ever truly loved, by coming to Palm Desert, California, she doesn’t hesitate. He’s dying of cancer and needs her help in overseeing the sale of his hotel, The Desert Sage Inn, to another hotel group. With her marketing skill and as the owner of a very successful blog, she’s his perfect choice to make the sale a smooth transition while maintaining the reputation of the upscale property. She arrives to find two other women summoned to help Alec. Lily Weaver was once Alec’s assistant, and Willow Sanchez was like a daughter to him. They join forces to help him, lovingly accepting his nickname for them—the Desert Flowers, similar to the well-known Charlie’s Angels.

When Rose is assigned to work alongside Hank Bowers, an independent consultant to the hotel company’s team, she shudders at his reputation as an outgoing guy who always uses sports analogies and is certain they won’t get along. But Alec counsels her to give Hank a chance and, later, as they work together as a team, Rose is left to wonder if falling for one another is part of Alec’s secret plan even if one of Hank’s grown daughters fights the idea.

A series for those who love stories about strong women facing challenges and finding love and happiness along the way.

About The Author

Judith Keim enjoyed her childhood and young-adult years in Elmira, New York, and now makes her home in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and their two dachshunds, Winston and Wally, and other members of her family.

While growing up, she was drawn to the idea of writing stories from a young age. Books were always present, being read, ready to go back to the library, or about to be discovered. All in her family shared information from the books in general conversation, giving them a wealth of knowledge and vivid imaginations.

A hybrid author who both has a publisher and self-publishes, Ms. Keim writes heart-warming novels about women who face unexpected challenges, meet them with strength, and find love and happiness along the way. Her best-selling books are based, in part, on many of the places she’s lived or visited and on the interesting people she’s met, creating believable characters and realistic settings her many loyal readers love. Ms. Keim loves to hear from her readers and appreciates their enthusiasm for her stories.

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Spirit Bear by Delta James

Spirit Bear by Delta James is available now!
It’s the time of the rut…and she’s at his mercy.

Amazon —
Universal —
FREE with Kindle Unlimited

It’s the time of the rut…and she’s at his mercy.

Noa Bishop, investigative reporter, is determined to uncover the truth of the “accidental” deaths of her friend and a conspiracy theorist. She realizes she’s on to something after a break-in at her loft and she calls the one man she thinks can keep her safe…Boone Daniels.

Now making a living as a back-country guide and mercenary, Boone agrees to keep Nora safe…for a price: Nora must agree to all of his sexual needs. And he has many.

But when old feelings for each other start to rise to the surface, the truth Nora seeks also brings them both closer to danger. The truth is far too close to home—proof that a parallel species evolved alongside mankind.

The secret has been kept for millennia and Boone is one of them… a Spirit Bear Shifter; and it’s time to mate.

About Delta James:

If you’re looking for paranormal, dark and contemporary western erotic romance, you’ve found your new favorite author!

FREE books anyone?

Delta James has four or more novellas per year for her VIP readers group. Want yours? Copy and paste this link in your browser!
Alpha heroes find real love with feisty heroines in Delta James’ sinfully sultry romances. Welcome to a world where true love conquers all and good triumphs over evil! Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline.

Delta is always happy to hear from her readers and responds personally. Reach out today!

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FB reader group –
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Hard Hit by Toni Aleo


Hard Hit by Toni Aleo releases on February 2nd!
– Single Dad | Second Chance | Hockey Romance –

Universal —

Kirby Litman has been abandoned by everyone in his life at one time or another since childhood. And when his cheating ex drops their baby girl in his lap and leaves the country, he vows he won’t abandon his daughter, Celeste, like he was. Between parenting, hockey, and mentoring three brand-new young players, he doesn’t have much time for himself. Though, when Jaylin Raventorn crosses his path again, he wants to stop the clock for her.

Jaylin has had her eye on Kirby from the first moment they met over a year ago, but his surprise fatherhood threw their plans into the penalty box. Now that he’s back in play—and with a cute new teammate to boot—Jaylin is as eager as Kirby to pick up where they left off.

But will the love-’em-and-leave-’em lawyer be able to let go of her fears to build a future with the man who’s always been left behind? Or will the hard hit from their pasts be too much for them to overcome?

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End Game by Jennifer Hanks

Title: End Game
Series: Sinners MC #2
Author: Jennifer Hanks
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 28, 2021


She’s his obligation. 
Josie Carmichael is uptight, opinionated, and judgmental. 
She has no place in his motorcycle club, but he’s made a commitment to protect her after she became a target for his enemies, and as the president, he takes that seriously. Setting up her protection is easy. However, ignoring the heat between them is impossible, and it isn’t long before he’s sacrificing everything to get close to her. 

He’s her nemesis. 
John Pierce, known only to his MC brothers as Bear, is overbearing, infuriating, and pushy. 
He lives his life on his own terms, in complete contradiction to how she lives hers, but she needs his protection to keep herself and the kids in her program safe. However, as their obsessive attraction continues to pull them together, she begins second-guessing everything she thought she knew about the man and what he’s willing to do for her and the club. 
But things are rarely what they seem. 
With danger still lurking and the club’s enemies marking their targets, can love keep them together? 
Or will their differences tear them apart?


99c for TODAY ONLY!


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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Jennifer Hanks is the author of The Dimarco Series as well as The Elite Securities Series. Her stories are contemporary romance and romantic suspense, all with the underlying message of the power and strength in love. She’s also a sucker for a Happily-Ever-After. Her love of reading and books in general started at a very young age and has steadily grown into a love of writing as well. She admits to being addicted to all things romance and has no plans of quitting her habit. Jennifer lives in Pennsylvania with her two children. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found with her kids at their various activities. Her house is frequently filled with any combination of her children’s friends, nieces, nephews and a variety of pets.




Tyro by Tasha Black


Tyro by Tasha Black releases on February 4th!

Universal —

Phoebe has nothing but her secrets. Her alien protector is determined to lay them bare.

Phoebe arrives on the moon of Clotho with a trunk full of secrets and an imagination filled with preconceived notions about life on the frontier. She’s more than ready to scrap and fight for her own piece of farmland, and a future for the little one she is adopting. When her new land turns out to be underwater, and the baby shows up in the strapping arms of an Invicta dragon-guard, Phoebe doubles down on her promise to herself to live free, or die trying.

Tyro never asked to be made guardian to a baby. But little Atlas has his heart, and he is shocked to find that the baby’s adopted mother has his soul. His inner dragon roars triumphant, but his human side must fight to win her over. If only the headstrong little Terran would slow down long enough to let him claim her before mad desire pushes his restraint to the limit.

When the farm is threatened, the two must work together to protect Atlas’s future. But then Phoebe’s past comes back to find her, and she has a decision to make that could derail even the best laid plans. Tyro is willing to bet the farm on their future together. Will Phoebe run, or will she decide to land herself an alien?

If you like strong women, hunky aliens, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Stargazer!

Alien Adoption Agency is a Stargazer Alien Series – read them all:
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The Dark Queen by M. Dalto

The Dark Queen
M. Dalto
(The Empire Saga #4)
Publication date: TBA
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult

For centuries, the Empire has been enslaved to an infallible, revered Prophecy—one that controlled their every thought and action, banishing those who questioned its integrity while promising to bring a time of peace and tranquility to those who followed blindly and believed unconditionally.

But the Prophecy is flawed.

Amid broken promises and mournful lamentations, fates are changed and dreams are destroyed.

When an ancient force resurfaces and threatens to destroy all they know, new alliances are formed as the heirs to the Empire’s throne struggle to put aside personal differences for the good of their realm.

Before it’s too late.

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Author Bio:

M. Dalto is a bestselling New Adult author of adventurous romantic fantasy stories, having won a Watty award for excellence in digital storytelling for her debut novel, Two Thousand Years, in 2016. She spends her days as a full-time residential real estate paralegal, using her evenings to pursue her literary agenda, and when she’s not writing, she enjoys reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and drinking coffee. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their daughter, and their corgi named Loki.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Obsessed by Jolie Vines

Title: Obsessed
Series: Wild Mountain Scots #1
Author: Jolie Vines
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 28, 2021


He’s the leader of the mountain rescue service. She might just need saving. 

For too long, I’ve been alone. Just me and my daughter. Keeping her safe is everything, so taking a job in the remote Scottish Highlands suits us fine. 
I shouldn’t need anything more. 
Yet I’m beyond distracted by a lass. 
Smart, beautiful, and living right next door, Cait McRae makes it clear she’s not interested. 
Every sly glance tells another story. 
It’s all I can do not to throw her over my shoulder and take her home. 
Cait might claim she only wants to explore the physical, but I know she’s wrong. 
She’s mine. 
If the people pursuing us both don’t destroy what we’ve found. 

I always knew I was different. No one ever caught my eye. 
Until a huge, scowling man moves in next door. He’s the new head of the mountain rescue service, and a single dad to a sweet little girl. 
Turns out, I’m a late bloomer, as all I can think about is Lochie. 
But someone else wants me. 
A series of strange events point to one conclusion. I have a stalker, and the danger I’m in is only just starting. 


The Wild Mountain Scots series follows on from the Wild Scots series with more of your favourite McRaes. Meet the brooding, tough, protective men of the mountain rescue and the beautiful women who tame their hearts. 

Download Obsessed now! 



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Lochinvar pressed on. “What’s different about me?” 
“You’re rougher. Wilder.” 
His analysis continued. “Did this start with me chopping the wood or before?” 
“The wood. The axe.” 
“Ye like that harder side. The violence.” 
Again, not a question. I slowly nodded anyway, then gave up my truth. “I have a fantasy of ye. It’s dark.” 
“I can let my tastes run dark, if ye want.” 
I shivered at the promise. “It’s of ye pursuing me.” 
The admittance smarted. I was giving him power over me. Power he could use to humiliate me or reject me. 
Lochinvar paused, considering this, then placed a hand on the sofa back and leaned in. He was so big, so broad. 
My skin zinged in awareness. 
Fear sprang, loading my muscles. 
He was going to kiss me. I wasn’t ready. Didn’t want this. 
He brought his mouth close to my ear. “Get up.” 
“Go to the door.” 
I obeyed, my frightened soul needing direction. I stepped into my shoes, no clue what was happening. 
Lochinvar stalked over and grasped my waist. He manhandled my stiff body out of the way, then unlocked the door, opening it. With a finger, he pointed outside into the frigid night. 
He…kicked me out? 
“What…?” I stammered. 
“Run, Cait.” 
What the hell was he doing? And why was this working? I skipped backwards. Lochinvar took a long tread after me, his jaw clenched tight. 
Those black eyes glittered. 
I was looking at a predator. A threat. A dangerous animal. 
Excited, I turned and bolted. My pulse skyrocketed, and I flew over the ground. Every sense trained on the danger at my back. My spine tingled, fear merging with a different state. This was nothing like the emotion I’d felt in that hall at work. No, this was…exhilarating. 
I reached the cars when a heavy arm caught me. 
A helpless sound burst from my throat, and Lochinvar spun me around. He gripped my biceps so I couldn’t escape and pushed me against his vehicle. Only his hand stopped me from banging my head on the metal. 
With his huge frame, he caged me in, eclipsing the night. 
I panted, every place we touched blazing to life with sensation. All fresh. All real and vital. 
I struggled in vain. 
Then Lochinvar crashed his lips onto my neck. 
I opened my mouth in pure shock. The energy behind his almost-kiss-almost-bite bruised me, his beard abrading my skin. 
But the pain was nothing to the splintering joy. 
I tried to move his lips to mine, but he didn’t budge. All I could do was receive. His mouth slid to under my ear then to my collarbone, his teeth testing my flesh. 
Then he dropped me. 
Lochinvar stepped back, breathing hard. I staggered, nearly falling, and my chest rose and fell where I couldn’t pull in enough air. 
Neither of us spoke, but the dark light in his eyes only intensified. 
Lochinvar gave a snort that sounded like satisfaction, then he turned and strode to his cottage. His door slammed, and I was left alone. 
The night air cooled my ardour, and I stared, seeing nothing. 
It hadn’t been a real kiss, nor gentle or sweet. What the hell was it? And why did I only want more?


Releasing May 31



JOLIE VINES is a romance novelist who lives in the South West of England with her husband and son.

From an early age, Jolie lived in a fantasy world and is never happier than when plot dreaming. Jolie loves her heroes to be one-woman guys. Whether they are a huge Highlander, a touch starved earl, or a brooding pilot, they will adore their loved one until the end of time.

Her favourite pastime is wrecking emotions then making up for it by giving her characters deep and meaningful happy ever afters.

Want to keep up with Jolie? Join her Facebook group

Sign up to her newsletter to be the first to know about new releases, giveaways, and promotions.

Marry the Scot series
– Storm the Castle
– Love Most, Say Least
– Hero
– Picture This
– Oh Baby

Marry the Scot novellas
– The Rival
– Come the Fall

Wild Scots series
– Hard Nox
– Perfect Storm
– Lion Heart 

– Fallen Snow 

– Stubborn Spark 

– Race You: an Office-Based Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
– Fight For Us: a Second-Chance Military Romantic Suspense

Cover Reveal

Scar by A.M. Brooks

♦ ♦ ♦

Title: Scar

Series: Standalone

Author: A.M. Brooks

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Day: April 13, 2021

Cover Designer: Hang Le

♦ ♦ ♦


I fell in love with the wrong girl—you could say. 

She destroyed my career.

Set me up for her family’s crimes.

Then ran off into the sunset to become Queen of a criminal empire. 

Time is supposed to heal all things. For me, time has done nothing but create a vengeful monster out for blood. Her blood. I won’t stop until she’s back on my turf, playing my game and surrendering her body and soul to me. 

I’d say my plan would be to destroy her heart like she did mine, except I learned long ago that Scarlet Reyes doesn’t have one. 

There is no happily ever after here. 


I ruined my chance at happiness—you could say. 

I became a Queen to survive.

He doesn’t know I walked away to save his life.

My plan to make my father’s enemy fall in love with me worked, until I lost my own heart in the process. 

Until he showed me the cage I had allowed myself to be trapped in. 

When a relationship is already built on lies like ours, hearts and love don’t stand a chance. 

I have a secret I’m keeping from Trent Nichols.

Now I’m back and once again my lies are standing in the way.

How can we live happily ever after when he’s determined to ruin me?


♦ ♦ ♦

Enter the Cover Reveal Giveaway HERE and HERE! (pinned posts)

♦ ♦ ♦

A.M. Brooks Logo

AM Brooks is an author with a variety of stories; Contemporary Romance, New Adult, and mature YA Her writing style is suspenseful and sometimes leads to heart-wrenching conclusions. With a background in forensic psychology she really goes for those investigative, dark and twisty feels. And of course, lots of love!

Brooks enjoys reading as much as writing. Television shows such as Criminal Minds, Scandal, and One Tree Hill are her go-to binge worthy series. She loves spending time with her friends and family with a good glass of beer or wine. If she isn’t reading or writing, Brooks is Pinteresting future home projects for her wonderful husband to accomplish.

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