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BETWEEN by Allie Logan

 Release Date: January 29

When the future she imagined is shattered, Claire Murphy has to pick up the pieces of her life and figure out what to do next.
This would be much easier if she didn’t work with the man who flipped her life upside down and if the man that was supposed to be just a distraction didn’t become more than that. Does she choose to fix things with Jake, the sweet yet confused man she used to imagine forever with? Or does she move on with Sam, the honest and hardworking business owner who pushes her to grow up and makes her feel safe?
This unique love triangle has all the feels and all the heat.

Set in a kitschy breakfast restaurant with an array of personalities, readers will love the devious bow wearing ex best friend, the sunny and touchy feely engineer, and the ditzy sweetheart waitress.

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Meet Allie Logan

Allie Logan never thought she’d be a writer. Until adulthood, she didn’t even really like reading.  It’s a surprise that it’s become a dream to be a romance author now. 

Allie fell in love with books like Harry Potter, Maze Runner, A Wrinkle In Time as a teenager. In her 20’s she discovered Lucy Score, Melanie Harlow, Claire Kingsley, just to name a few and decided that’s what she wanted to do.  

She thanks you for your support and loves to hear feedback.  Let her know what you think!


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