Confessions of a step-sister

Title: Confessions of a step-sister

Series: Confessions #6

Author: Lexi Noir

Genre: Erotic Romance



How can something feel so right…. yet be so wrong?

When Jenna returns home for labor weekend after four years of being away, she’s expecting to catch up with her step-family.

But one look at her step-brother, Cole, has Jenna wanting things she shouldn’t.

When the desire between her and Cole sizzles, will she be able to fight the attraction?

Or does she give in and take everything that Cole has to offer her?



Confessions of a Maid 
Confessions of a Gynaecologist 
Confessions of a Soldier 
Confessions of a Santa 
Confessions of a Co-Worker 


Hey, I’m Lexi! I’m a mum, wife, and avid reader! I write romance, because, love is everything! I specialize in explicit and sexy tales, I write short, sinful stories that feature erotic scenes.  
If you want erotic stories that are short and always have a climatic ending, then look no further, my books are exactly what you need.


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