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Finding His Shooting Star

Title: Finding His Shooting Star 

Series: Suburban Outcasts #3

Author: Ember Davis 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 




The only thing I’ve wanted to do is be a Labor & Delivery nurse and I’ve made that happen. I have a job I love helping bring new life into the world, I have a supportive family, and music fills in the holes. Still, I know something’s missing—a place I truly belong.

I had no idea that I’d find a family when I walked into work. I had no idea I’d find more than that in the form of Cole Howard, sexy as sin lead singer of Suburban Outcasts. He looks at me and I feel seen and appreciated. He looks at me and I feel desire and want.

I had bad luck with a musician before. They’re all about the image and the celebrity, right? Cole seems different, but that doesn’t mean the fame machine won’t chew me up and spit me out.

So many people want a piece of Cole. Will I be enough for him? Will he have enough for me after he makes his dreams come true?

He’s a star and I’m just a girl with a wish.


I know we made the right decision to relocate to Denver and be closer to our family. I didn’t know how much that decision would change my life until I met the woman who is meant to be mine in a hospital hallway. I might have been there for the family, but I found my future that day.

Women who only cared about my money and fame have used me before. I can tell that Holly isn’t like that. The fame might be intimidating, but I just need her to give me a little trust and some time so I can show her how much she means to me.
With everything I learn about her and with every moment I spend with her, it makes me more confident that she’s the only one for me.

I just hope the fame and the ugliness that comes along with it isn’t too much for her. I need her.

I’d give it all up for her. Without her, it means nothing.




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About Ember 

Ember Davis loves alpha heroes with a range of emotions, but a strong sense of how to take care of their women.  She loves her heroines from all walks of life, just like her heroes, and she wants them to be real and relatable.  Her heroines tend to be sassy, opinionated and smart.

Ember is a stay at home mom of two who recently refound her love of books and all things romance and is so glad that she did.  She’s always been creative but writing and creating stories that she would love to read that satisfies the dreams she had as a little girl.  She loves butterflies, the color purple and enjoying time with her family. 

Pssst…it’s totally a pen name, but everything above is 100% true.

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