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Saddles & Racks


Title: Saddles & Racks (Books 1-3)
Author: Kimberly Knight
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Strong. Sexy. Suspenseful.
The first three books in USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Knight’s Saddles & Racks Series. Get to know the men and women of S&R while they take on the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas!

Angels & Whiskey, Saddles & Racks Series, Book 1
Whiskey, women and sleepless nights …

United States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings knew he would always follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Serving his country was his destiny.

Until he fell in love …

When Gabe’s love affair is cut short, he turns to whiskey for comfort and swears he will never fall in love again.

Until he bumps into an unexpected angel …

By all appearances, Autumn Jones has the perfect life. Her husband, Richard, is a loving man who wants to be a father to her unborn children. But Autumn knows the truth. Richard has a controlling, dark side that leaves nothing to chance, especially Autumn. He’ll stop at nothing to make her the trophy wife he wants her to be.

When Autumn bumps into Gabe, he consumes her every thought, but she can’t act on her feelings. She’s married to a dark man she can never leave.

When he learns who Autumn’s husband really is, Gabe knows he will stop at nothing to protect her. Or is it too late for him to save his angel?

Tequila & Lace, Saddles & Racks Series, Book 2

Army Strong and dripping with sin …

Paul Jackson had his dreams mapped out. He’d graduate from high school, attend college, go pro for football, marry his high school sweetheart and live happily ever after. Until she threw away everything he never knew he wanted. Throwing caution to the wind, he put his country’s dreams before his own.

The Army was a perfect distraction from her. It helped him become a man. To serve, to protect, to fight, to become strong. But when Paul returns home after three tours, he knows there’s nothing better than sexy woman, a shot of tequila and a pocket full of cash.

But he still thinks about her …

Joselyn Marquez’s life changed the night of her seventeenth birthday. A forty-eight hour roller coaster trip sent her running for her life. She was homeless, and her family had disappeared. All odds were against her.

But sometimes the odds work out.

Years later, she’s an FBI agent serving as an undercover escort to investigate sex trafficking in Las Vegas. When the investigation connects her past, will she be able to do the right thing or will she still keep running from the night of her seventeenth birthday?

Tensions will rise.

Sparks will fly.

Passions will soar.

And the past will come knocking …

Champagne & Handcuffs, Saddles & Racks Series, Book 3

Young love is just the beginning …

Seth McKenna had wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. Protecting people was in his DNA, especially when it came to his two best friends, Joselyn and Catherine. From the moment he laid eyes on Cat, he knew she’d be his one day.

Kimberly Knight is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in the mountains near a lake in California with her loving husband, who is a great research assistant, and daughter, who keeps Kimberly on her toes. Kimberly writes in a variety of genres including romantic suspense, contemporary romance, erotic romance, and paranormal romance. Her books will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and fall in love before she throws you curve balls you never see coming.
When Kimberly isn’t writing, you can find her watching her favorite reality TV shows, binge-watching true crime documentaries, and going to San Francisco Giants games. She’s also a two-time desmoid tumor/cancer fighter, which has made her stronger and an inspiration to her fans.

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Truth or Dare


Title: Truth or Dare
Author: L.L. Hunter 
Genre: YA Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Mystery
Cover Designer: Emily Wittig
Publication Date: January 31st, 2021
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Welcome to Summervale…

One of the USA’s top vacation spots. Situated in Upstate New York. It’s a sunny coastal town. Population…

Oh, who cares.

The tourism ads paint Summervale NY as the perfect, picturesque town. It’s the ideal location to have spring break in, or retire at.

But I know the truth.


17 year old Darcie Bell Ryder thought life would be different on the other side of the tracks. In this town, you are judged on by what side of the river you live on.

She was born a ‘have not’, but due to her father’s new social status and job, she moves into the rich neighbourhood called The Circle, and becomes a ‘have’.

In the Circle, she is introduced to the other kids at the town’s annual back to school bonfire on the beach.

Here she meets the handsome, and totally out her league, Dane O’Connell.

Even though they are from the opposite sides of the river, they share a connection they both can’t deny.

But when the body of a teenage girl turns up dead on the shore, the mystery to her death will either bring the teens closer together…

 or tear them further apart.


In the first instalment of a new YA contemporary mystery series from L.L. Hunter, there are secrets a plenty in Summervale, but only some will surface. The rest will be taken to the grave.


L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens – everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog –

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Light My Way/Find My Way by Marley Valentine

Duet Title: My Way
Titles: Light My Way & Find My Way
Author: Marley Valentine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: PopKitty Design

“If I kiss you, will you run? Because you need to know, Evie. If you plan on running, I plan on catching you.”

I knew Evie Wright was special from the first time we met. Even with her sad eyes and heartbroken smile, I was attracted to the beauty she so desperately tried to hide.

Emotionally battered and bruised, Evie had experienced one too many of the hard truths life had to offer. She was drowning in heartache and I wanted to be the one to rescue her.

I wanted to shower her in love and warmth and show her we could have brighter days. But she was too scared. Scared to move forward. Scared to move on. And I was scared of losing her.

Together, Evie and I were more than special. We were worth the fight, and worth the fall. I told myself I would give her time and space, but instead, I think I just made it easier for her to walk away.

* Light My Way was previously titled Devastate.

“When I say I want every layer gone, it has nothing to do with your body and everything to do with what’s underneath.”

I knew her body before I knew her.

One night turned into two.
Two nights turned into three.
And before I knew it I was hooked.

But I no longer wanted to be the man that occasionally warmed her bed, I wanted to be the man by her side. The man she invited into her world, the man she let love her.

But Courtney didn’t want that life, she was a closed book, filled with pages of details she didn’t want to share. She wanted two-dimensional conversations, instant gratification and fleeting moments.

I had every intention of showing her just how good we could be. I had patience. I had time, but when her biggest secret is accidentally revealed I realized I didn’t really have anything, because I never had her.

*Find My Way was previously titled Deviate.

Living in Sydney, Australia with her family, Marley Valentine is a USA Today bestselling author and a former social worker who uses her past experiences to write real life, emotional and heartfelt contemporary romance.

She enjoys mixing it up with both M/F and M/M Romance incorporating all forms of life, lust and love as her characters embark on their journey to their happily ever after.

When she’s not busy writing her own stories, she spends most of her time immersed in the words of her favourite authors.

Marley enjoys interacting with her readers so please feel free to reach out to her via Facebook, Instagram, email and/or subscribe to her newsletter.

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West End Wonder by Sheri Lynn

Title: West End Wonder
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Sheri Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 31, 2021

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


Traveling to the island of Roatan, Honduras, for her college best friend’s wedding, it never crossed Sophia’s mind that her college boyfriend, Trevor, could be in attendance. She hadn’t heard anything from or about him since graduation when he left to bounce around to different locations and pursue his immature dreams. She assumed no one else had either. Wrong. He has quite a reputation in West End, Roatan.

Trevor was told of and agreed to the unlikelihood of Sophia traveling to the simple island destination. He didn’t give it a second thought. Until he saw her sitting on a barstool at the tiki bar. Now he can’t stop thinking about her. Fantasizing about her. She still has flowing, auburn hair and a fiery attitude to match.

Both recognize the fire still burning between them. But neither is inclined to relight the match.

They wanted different things. They took separate paths and found success. Did either find the happiness they had together? Will either act on the passion between them? If they do, it will force them into the exact dilemma they suffered a decade ago.

Can and will Trevor let her return to the lucrative lifestyle she always wanted and obtained? A decade without her couldn’t silence his doubts about losing her the first time.

Will Sophia leave her ‘West End Wonder’ living the satisfying life he chose for himself? She’s dated the high-powered business moguls she dreamed of. But she’s never appreciated and enjoyed them as much as she does Trevor and experiencing his laid-back island lifestyle.

*West End Wonder is a contemporary second chance romance inspired by Park Avenue Player.



Free in Kindle Unlimited



Sheri Lynn also writes as Sheridan Knight. She writes romance across several genres-contemporary, vampire, futuristic/post-apocalyptic, historical adventure and a few novellas included in anthologies she categorizes as historical suspense. She’s a hopeless romantic and can find a happily ever after in most situations and settings. First published in 2015, she has followed with twenty-two additional single or anthology titles with many more coming.

Sheri believes in writing romance ‘real.’ From the initial boundless promise of a new relationship, to the doubts and uncertain realities, and onto achieving the sought after happy-endings, including all the struggles in between, that’s ‘real’ romance to her.


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Filthy Friend by Gwyn McNamee

Title: Filthy Friend
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Series: Fury Family #2
Author: Gwyn McNamee
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 31, 2021

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


Only one word can describe the man who performs online as HRD4U…
He really knows how to work that massive asset on camera.
Couple that with the dirty talk he uses to describe his fantasies while he does it…
It’s enough to drive me mad while I watch.
Because just like my screenname says, INEEDSOMED.
Too bad men like HRD4U don’t exist in real life.
Apparently, finding a nice guy with a nasty mouth and a mammoth gift between the legs is asking too much.
Instead, I just get snooze-inducing lovers and dates with no chemistry.
Having my BFF Flynn McAllister right next door helps ease some of the pain of breakup after breakup.
But he can’t know what I really want or why my relationships always fail.
I just want to be dirty.
But now, all my dreams might be coming true…
All because of my filthy friend.

*Filthy Friend is a best friends to lovers romance inspired by Cocky Bastard.



Free in Kindle Unlimited




Free in Kindle Unlimited


Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, writer, wife, and mother (to one human baby and one fur baby). Originally from the Midwest, Gwyn relocated to her husband’s home town of Las Vegas in 2015 and is enjoying her respite from the cold and snow. Gwyn has been writing down her crazy stories and ideas for years and finally decided to share them with the world. She loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance and heat.
When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection, golfing, and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm (usually while wearing heels).
Gwyn is the author of The Hawke Family Series, The Slip Series, The Deadliest Sin Series, The Inland Seas Series, and The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd (as her alter-ego D.P. Payne), along with several stand-alones.


Book Tour

Stranger Creatures

Wolf’s Challenge
Stranger Creatures Book 1
by Christina Lynn Lambert
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
When Sydney left Seattle two years ago, she was scared, traumatized, and done with men for good. Now she has a good job, a hobby that’s fast becoming a second career, and best of all, she’s adopted a little girl named Angel. Life is good and Sydney’s not about to let charming lawyer Derrick mess that up, no matter how sexy he is, or how sweet he seems.
Things aren’t always as they appear in the town of Great Oaks, Virginia. Derrick isn’t the ladies’ man Sydney thinks he is, but he does have a few secrets, the least shocking one that he can transform into a powerful wolf at will.
Can Derrick convince Sydney to give him a chance, something more than her elusive maybe? More importantly, should he? He’s still trying to forgive himself for being at the wheel during the accident that killed his son. Losing Sydney when she learns the truth might break him, but he’s pretty sure not having her in his life would be just as bad.
Please note – this book contains mature language, situations and descriptive sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only!
Bear’s Edge
Stranger Creatures Book 2
A boss can’t date her employee—simple as that. No matter how much Shayla wants to unravel a few of Grant’s mysteries and take her friendship with the shy, sarcastic man to the next level, she’s determined to keep her fantasies of him to herself.
After bear shifter Grant lost his girlfriend and three best friends in a fire, he did his best to shut himself off from everyone around him. Falling for Shayla wasn’t part of his plan, but after a kiss that leaves them both speechless and hungry for more, Grant can’t keep his desire for his boss under wraps any longer.
When things between the two of them get hotter than he could have imagined, Grant wonders if some of his darker desires will be too much for Shayla or will she embrace the needs he’s kept hidden for so long?
An obnoxious reporter and Shayla’s bitter ex have teamed up to chase down conspiracy theories that could destroy Shayla’s business and worse, put her life in danger. To find their happily ever after, Shayla and Grant will have to trust in each other and find a way to crush all the obstacles standing in their way.
Please note – this book contains mature language, situations and descriptive sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only!
Tiger’s Last Chance
Stranger Creatures Book 3
While working a case, Sean Whitman is tortured for information, drugged, and bitten against his will by a shape shifter. The fallout leaves him jobless, friendless, and dumped by his girlfriend. Needing a fresh start, he leaves town and opens a private investigation business. Learning to live life sober isn’t easy, but he makes it to the two year mark.
When Detective Nikki Jackson with the Great Oaks, Virginia Police Department calls him, accusing him of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house, Sean can’t help but like the sound of her voice, despite her ridiculous accusations. He’s shocked when she calls him back with an apology then asks for his help as a consultant on a case. On the phone, her sweet, slightly Southern voice captivates him. In person, she’s unlike any other woman he’s encountered, and nearly impossible to resist. But could the sexy detective ever want a man like him?
After Nikki’s last dating disaster, the mountain lion shifter has sworn off men. Then she meets Sean, and with every second she spends around the tall, dark-eyed man, her resolve crumbles. And the fact the guy’s kiss leaves her breathless? Yeah, that no-men idea sounds more and more like a bad idea. But for some reason, despite the undeniable attraction between them, Sean seems determined to push her away.
An investigation into missing refugees leaves Nikki with more questions than answers. Her refusal to let the matter drop leads her to the discovery of a radical political group’s horrifying plot for dominance. Traitors are embedded within the very organizations meant to keep shifters safe. As the list of people she can trust dwindles, Nikki calls on Sean to help her unravel a web of deceit.
Sean realizes pushing Nikki away was a stupid move. So when the sexy, amazing detective contacts him, he jumps at the second chance, dropping everything to fly across the country to help her. And he hates flying. But with her life in danger, he’ll do whatever it takes.
Can Sean and Nikki stop a hate group from carrying out their deadly plans? And if so, will he get one last chance to prove his love for her?
Please note – this book contains mature language, situations and descriptive sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only!
A few years ago, I read my first romance novel and I was hooked, so much so that I decided to give the idea of writing a story a chance. Love, courage, hope, and second chances are a few of my favorite themes. My stories include a fair amount of sarcasm, suspense, steam, and violence. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time outside and finding ways to avoid cooking. I live in beautiful Virginia with my husband, two daughters, and a sweet, hairy monster of a dog.
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!
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On the Way to the Cabin


★✩★ FREE ★✩★ 

If you love #friendstolovers Romance and #secondchances you will love this short story of On the Way to the Cabin by AMABEL DANIELS & you can grab it now for #FREE!!

✔️Friends to Lovers

✔️Second Chance


Amazon AU

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Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Somewhere between shock and heartache.

That’s what Lena Moore is stuck between when she learns her best friend’s brother is engaged. He was her teenage crush, her first love, but never to be hers. Knowing her love is a lost cause, she realizes she must face him sooner or later. Too bad it’s right now, as she picks him up for a drive to his family’s cabin.

Aaron Hampton looks forward to spending time with the one girl he’s ever wanted. And hanging out in the car on the way to the cabin should be fun. Only, Lena’s tense about something, a secret she lets loose after some wine: she’s always loved him, but she seems to think he’s getting married to someone else. Regardless of the fact they’re both single, he’s held back by a truth—his own secret guilt for ruining her life many years ago.

After so long of wishing for the one who seems out of reach, can they calm old fears and embrace the future—together?


@Amabel Daniels @DS PR Services
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Hold Safe



Price: $3.99

Buylinks: Universal link: Amazon US:

Series link:

Blurb: Joseph saw someone being killed and now his life is in danger. The security isn’t the issue. The grim-faced Daddy at his back is a different matter. Mo is content with the quiet life. Once upon a time he had his happy ever after, but that ended. Now he’s being asked to guard an ego-driven businessman who has no idea how much danger he’s in. He should say no. A successful CEO, Joseph is used to most people saying yes. He’s not convinced ‘yes’ is in this bodyguard’s vocabulary. Every decision he makes, Mo vetoes. Joseph is furious. He’s the one in charge. Isn’t he? They are dealing with escalating danger and increasing tension between them. Joseph is convinced he’s a Daddy. Mo knows Joseph is a boy. Will Mo keep Joseph safe and show him his true place?


Cranky middle-aged author with an addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys. She loves her dog, she loves her kids, and she loves coffee; in which order very much depends on the time of day.

Come over and talk to Sue at: Newsletter: Bookbub: Patreon: Her website: Author group – Facebook: Facebook: Email:

General Excerpt:

The room went silent.

“Remember you’re a Holden. Never let another man tell you what to do.”

His father’s words rang in Joseph’s ears as they had done since he had sat an eight-year-old Joseph down in his study and told him that one day he would be the head of a great empire.

Yet he’d sat like a kid, his cheeks flaming, because some yeti off the mountains had ordered him to. He knew he’d made a huge mistake. He’d lost face in front of a room full of alpha men. He could see that in the smug expressions in the room. Now he’d have to work twice as hard to regain the power.

He was the client, the top dog in the room. Correction. He should have been the top dog. He was the billionaire; they were merely muscle. So why did he feel like a kid playing dress up in his father’s shoes?

New Release

Leith by Jane Henry



Cairstina Reilly was locked in silence when I found her.

When I ravaged my way through weak men to save her.

When I killed for her. 

Now our fates are tangled together in a web of lies, danger, and betrayal.

I have to take her hostage. 

Drag her from her silent, private world,

And force her into mine. 

In my Clan’s enclave deep in the wild Scottish Highlands, 

no one will find us and our secret will be safe…

But I’m not the only one with secrets. 

Cairstina thinks her silence will protect her.

But only I can do that. 

And the sooner my bonnie lass learns to trust me,

The sooner I can set her free from everything that’s held her captive…

Everything except me.

Of course he’ll hurt you, I chide myself. Why else did he bring you here?

I’ve been so naïve, I realize, so deeply hidden in my world of fantasies that for a brief moment in time, I thought being hauled to this beautiful lodge in the woods would be an escape from my dismal life at home. But now—

I can breathe, but barely, as he pins me in place, those rough fingers of his trapping my throat, my pulse quickening against his palm.

With his second hand, he reaches for the edge of his mask and whips it off his head. He’s glaring at me. Naturally.

My pulse races. He’s roguishly handsome, in a haunting, terribly masculine way. Longish, dark brown hair frames his face, his deep brown eyes glinting in the overhead light. He’s got a scruffy beard and full lips, and he—

The next second, my mind comes to a screeching halt when he lowers his lips to mine, my neck still caged in the roughness of his hand.

I’ve never been kissed before. I’m so startled by his response I don’t protest, but melt against him. His lips are soft, perhaps the only soft part of his entire body, and they move against mine with branding insistence. A woman never forgets a kiss like this.

Women use words like tender or romantic, but this is nothing of the sort. His mouth on mine feels like both punishment and violence, an assault against my innocence and retribution for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I inhale out of panic and instinct, his breath becoming mine.

I should be terrified. I should be plotting my escape or frozen in fear, but I’m neither. I’m not sure what I am when he pulls his mouth off mine.

We’re panting as we stare only inches away from each other, my skin prickles with the warmth of his breath.

He flexes his hand on my neck, and my pulse throbs. There’s something undeniably erotic about the way he touches me, and it takes me by surprise. How can a threat to my safety make my heart beat faster, my breath quicken, and heat rise on my cheeks?

“Tell me your name,” he says in a hoarse, ragged whisper. Is he affected like me, then?

No. No. I internally plead with him not to force the issue, not to make a big deal of this. I want to be his ally, not his enemy, but I might as well be a foolish wee girl who wishes herself away to castles and fairytales. There’s something in those deep brown eyes of his that tell me we have more in common than it may appear.

There’s a deep well of hurt in those eyes only someone who’s been wounded by the same blade can recognize.

“Your name, beautiful,” he says. If I could make a sound at all, I’d moan at the way his words affect me, as evocative as tender caress.

No one has ever called me beautiful. Why does it have to be him?

I look away from him, but only for a second because the next moment his fingers are at my chin and he’s dragging my gaze back to his.

He shakes his head slowly from side to side, his eyes on me never wavering. “Tell me,” he says, an unmistakable note of authority in his voice I’ve heard several times now. “I won’t allow you to defy me.”

I swallow hard.

I can’t tell you.

If I could, I would.

He shakes his head again. “Defying me is a mistake, lass. I won’t give you another warning. If you don’t tell me your name, you’ll be punished.”

At his words, the tempo of my heartbeat comes to a stuttering halt, and anything that resembled tenderness or hope quenches.

I’ve been punished before.

I’ll be punished again.

I should be afraid, but all I feel right now is a mild sense of curiosity as I steel myself for whatever will come. His words are already cold and distant, and he may as well be touching the body of another woman.

I’m not here anymore.

I’ve never been confined to the earth like a mortal anyway.

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily-ever-afters. She writes what she loves to read: kink with a tender touch. Jane is a hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast with a houseful of children and her very own Prince Charming.

Connect with Jane at

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