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On the Way to the Cabin


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If you love #friendstolovers Romance and #secondchances you will love this short story of On the Way to the Cabin by AMABEL DANIELS & you can grab it now for #FREE!!

✔️Friends to Lovers

✔️Second Chance


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Somewhere between shock and heartache.

That’s what Lena Moore is stuck between when she learns her best friend’s brother is engaged. He was her teenage crush, her first love, but never to be hers. Knowing her love is a lost cause, she realizes she must face him sooner or later. Too bad it’s right now, as she picks him up for a drive to his family’s cabin.

Aaron Hampton looks forward to spending time with the one girl he’s ever wanted. And hanging out in the car on the way to the cabin should be fun. Only, Lena’s tense about something, a secret she lets loose after some wine: she’s always loved him, but she seems to think he’s getting married to someone else. Regardless of the fact they’re both single, he’s held back by a truth—his own secret guilt for ruining her life many years ago.

After so long of wishing for the one who seems out of reach, can they calm old fears and embrace the future—together?


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