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The Death of Me by Jennah Dale



Title: The Death of Me

Author: Jennah Dale

Genre: Romantic suspense

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All I ever wanted was to get out of Brooklyn and make something of myself. I had no intentions of being another statistic after losing my best friend the way I did as a teenager.

With no parents around to help in guiding me to make my way in the world, I had to do it myself. Only now I have my degree.

I’m an English teacher at Odyssey High, but am I willing to risk everything I’ve worked so hard for for the one girl I shouldn’t want, yet can’t keep away from!?

Could Meghan Harrison, my student, just be the death of me and my career?



At seventeen, being ripped from your hometown to halfway across the country before your senior year of high school is enough to make any teenager hate the world. Imagine my surprise when it happens to me and I find myself in New York and a new school.

While exploring my new city, I discover more than just new sights, unexpectedly, it brings Rebel Mcguire into my life. There’s just one problem, he happens to be my new English teacher.

Do we do the right thing and stay away from each other or do we give in to our desires and cause the ultimate carnage along the way? Either way, we may just be the death of each other.






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