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#BRVL #2 February Author Spotlight – Pandora Spocks


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Title: Broken Harts

Series: Forever Yours

Author: Pandora Spocks

Message to Readers:

Broken Harts is a part of the Forever Yours Valentine’s Day Collection.

  • Bella’s Wish by International Bestselling Author Linzi Basset
  • All’s Fair in Love and Spells by Victoria Escobar
  • My Italian Valentine the USA Today & International Bestselling Author Diana Nixon


Two weddings.
One Valentine’s Day.
And hearts will be broken.

A wedding on Valentine’s Day? It’s beyond cliché.
But it’s what Ali Hart’s niece Shannon wants. So Ali will wear the pink chiffon bridesmaid’s dress, carry the rose and eucalyptus bouquet down the aisle, and keep her opinion to herself.

Ali is back in New York to get ready for the wedding, but her older sister and brother seize on her visit as the perfect time for Ali to make arrangements for their elderly father, who can no longer independently care for himself.

A navigational error puts Ali on a collision course with destiny. Now what?

A wedding on Valentine’s Day? It’s perfect.
Unless you’re not positive that she’s the one for you.

In the dark recesses of his heart, Logan Pryce knows that Catherine von Hollen isn’t the love of his life. The daughter of his father’s business partner, they’ve known each other for years. She’s blonde, gorgeous, and everyone loves her. On paper, it’s perfect. On paper.

A chance encounter with a nameless redhead on a crowded subway platform causes Logan to question everything he thought his life was going to be. Will he stay with the safe bet, or will he take a chance on something more?

If you love your romance with a little heat and plenty of heart, you’re going to love Broken Harts!


Two weddings. One Valentine’s Day. And hearts will be broken.

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Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida. She enjoys reading and writing literary erotic romance.

She is the author of the Dream Dominant Collection, a series of light BDSM stand-alone novels featuring sexy Alpha males and the strong red-haired submissives they can’t resist. Currently, the Collection includes LUKE & BELLA, LOST & BOUND, FOR SPARROW (2018 Golden Flogger Winner for Best BDSM Book), and the newest one, WARRIOR MINE, but more are in the works. Since they’re stand-alone novels, you can read them in any order. Each one is completely self-contained.

Her modern-day adult fairy tale CHASING ORDINARY is the 2018 New Apple Summer eBook Awards Medalist in Literary Erotica.

She also wrote a naughty little romantic novella, JUST ONE NIGHT. At 99¢, it’s the cheapest Caribbean vacation you ever loved.

She wrote a three-novel epic erotic romance/law drama called RANNIGAN’S REDEMPTION.

She recently completed the Redheads & Ranchers Series, a collection of three stand-alone contemporary erotic romance novels featuring hot ranchers and the redheads they can’t resist. The series includes JENNY’S VOICE, HUNTER’S PRIDE, and ANNA’S HEART. They’re stand-alone, so read them in any order you like.

Pandora is hard at work on her next steamy novel.



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