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The Lost Horseman by Freida Kilmari

Title: The Lost Horseman
Series: The Horseman’s Harem Saga
Author: Freida Kilmari
Genre: LGBT Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance
Release Date: January 31, 2021

Four lovers. Four species. One world to save?

The only thing better than having someone who loves you? Having four.

My memories returned and the horror of my mortal past confirmed, I can’t hide anymore. Not from the world, not from my feelings, and certainly not from the people I’m coming to call family.

But the world is growing more unstable by the day—the magical communities are picking sides and the humans are growing restless at the early signs of war—so it looks like it’s time for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to come out of hiding.

Damn it all to hell.

Look out world, Horseman of Magic is here!

Nine steps forward and looks to the audience. I’ll need a volunteer.

By the shocked looks on everyone’s faces, he sent that to everyone in the room. Vampires included.

Mr. Nice Vampire steps up, cautious after Arrie’s display of brute strength. “I’ll help.”

“This won’t be pleasant,” Nine says. “But it won’t hurt.”

Mr. Nice Vampire balls his hands into fists in an attempt to control his nervous shaking.


Nine focuses on the man stood in front of him, hand raised in concentration. “Jump.”

He jumps, eyes going wide.

“Stick your tongue out.”

He sticks his tongue out, much to the hilarity of everyone around us.

But we stay silent, knowing how much Nine hates using his powers like this. He defends himself and the team, but without permission, he wouldn’t enter someone’s mind like this—not even ours.

“Pinch yourself.”

He pinches himself lightly on the arm.

Nine releases his mental command. “I can use it to make someone do anything, even kill themselves.”

I wince. Really?


Freida Kilmari, an author, writer, and editor from south-west England, has a passion for unique fantasy, one that started with the likes of Philip Pullman, Derek Landy, and JK Rowling. With their fantastical words, she spent her childhood and young adult life vying to create her own world of words one day. Eventually, after finishing her degree and settling into being a business owner, she started writing fantasy romance with LGBT+ twists, and from there, she’s kept twisting tropes, retelling fairy tales and legends, and seeing just how far you can push the boundaries of sexuality and gender.

Living in south-west England, she owns and runs Penmanship Editing, a fiction editing business that strives to make the most out of each author’s unique story, words, and heart. “Every writer is different, and it’s those differences that make our work a part of who we are.” She’s worked on over 100 books in the last two years and has received praise from authors and other editors alike for her encouraging and togetherness approach in a field that is lacking uniqueness and empathy.


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