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Roxy’s Betrayal by Sherri Lupton Hollister

TITLE- Roxy’s Betrayal
AUTHOR- Sherri Lupton Hollister
GENRE- Romantic Suspense
 RELEASE DATE- February 5th , 2021


Roxanne Harrell is the youngest of the Harrell family sisters. She is spoiled, self-centered and a bit of a screw-up, at least that’s the way her family sees her. When Roxy meets the niece she didn’t even know she had while working on a cruise ship, she is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means betraying her family. Jorge Claudio is thankful to be exonerated of murder charges. He agrees to chase his lawyer, Remington Harrell’s sister to Savannah to keep her from causing more trouble when they learn Remy’s ex is trying to take over the leaderless Bryant Family crime syndicate. There is only one problem, whenever Jorge is around Roxanne, he forgets about everything except his need to be inside her.

Third book in The Harrell Family Chronicles
#1 Red Steel
#2 Janie’s Secret

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Author Bio

Sherri has been writing since she was ten years old but most of her stories were in spiral notebooks which she hid under the bed. After marrying the man of her dreams and becoming a mostly “stay-at-home” mother to six rowdy boys, she would hide out at the local library where she became friends with the library manager.
Encouraged by her husband and library friend, she started learning more about writing to publish. Her husband gifted her with a new van for Christmas so she and her friend could go to her first writer’s conference.
Roxy’s Betrayal is her seventh book and the third in the Harrell Family Chronicles. Sherri has enjoyed plotting and planning these books with sibling rivalry, friendships, and family drama, as an only child she missed out on all of these adventures. Thankfully, as a mother of six grown sons, twenty-one grandchildren, and assorted friends and neighbors many of whom claim kinship, Sherri is never at a loss for plot ideas, interesting characters or cheerleaders. Her family serves as beta readers, researchers, photographers and marketers. Her husband, the sexy mechanic is her researcher and her resident expert for anything mechanical.
The couple share a love for riding motorcycles, chasing their many grandchildren and playing cards. They host cookouts and parties including their large extended family and many friends. Their house has always been the hang out for their friends and their children’s friends. Sherri loves the water and playing on the beach. She refuses to be the old lady sitting in the sand unless she’s building sandcastles with the grands.
Music plays a big part in the development of her stories. Listening to the music her characters enjoy allows Sherri to delve deeper inside her characters personalities. When no one is looking, she has been known to burst into song or just start dancing. Sherri is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the vice president in charge of communications for her local chapter where she also hosts Book in a Week, a monthly writing challenge. She is the Chairperson of the Pamlico Writers’ Group. The oldest writers’ group in eastern North Carolina and she enjoys hosting other authors on her website in what she calls “Creekside Café Chats.”

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