Electric Temptation



Title: Electric Temptation

Author: Toya Richardson

Genre: Paranormal/Shifter Romance

Release Date: 19th March 2021

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Delilah has been running her entire life. Running from the Trackers who hunt her for her powers. Running from the man who loves her but won’t tell her of his past. And now she’s running again. The Trackers are hot on her heels and she’s heading for the only person who can save her from herself and the organisation who want her Elemental gift.

Even after Delilah walked out on him several years ago, she still haunts every dream, and each waking moment Mason has. When word reaches him that her life is in danger, he did the only thing he could. Put all his fears aside and rushed to her aid.

Time is getting short for Delilah and her capture is imminent. Can Mason reach her before this happens? And if he does, will he have the courage to open up and tell her what haunts his past? Or will he push her away like he did the last time?

The danger is heating up for The Protector’s communities and war is headed their way, threatening to destroy everything they love and stand for.




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