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Title: HIdden In The White Smoke

Author: KC Royale

Message to Readers: Join me, KC Royale on a adventure into the genre of fantasy. Hidden can be fun, until its not.


Once upon a time there was a princess who lived deep in the forest, in a beautiful meadow. She roamed a sacred garden, awaiting her prince to finally arrive to meet her….

What happens when you’ve finally arrived at a forest, making your way through towards the meadow, only to then be cursed to never leave? Never seeing your human family ever again? That’s what happened to young girl named; Amberlynn.

It wasn’t Amberlynn’s choice to be cursed and hidden away. She was chosen a very long time ago to embark on the journey ahead of her. As she struggles to make sense of how and why this travesty has happened to her, she finds herself having to adjust to a whole new world. A world she oddly feels connected to. She later discovers how the connection is even possible and, more shocking news about herself and the power that lives within her. She soon learns and accepts her place in this new world, but the old one she’s long forgotten comes to find her, and it’s her prince.


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Hidden can be fun, until its not.




KC Royale is a woman who embodies entrepreneurship to its core. She is also a highly accredited writer; who is a published author with several publications to her name and numerous personally written documentaries. KC Royale has always nurtured an intense passion for writing since she was 9 years old. It is her love for writing that distinguished KC from other young girls from an early age.


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