On a Rosy Star by Amethyst Isley


On a Rosy Star by Amethyst Isley

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Is their love to be destroyed because of Royal expectations?

Madelief Evers was born closely intertwined into the lives of the Dutch monarchy. She has experienced it all—from lavish parties in Amsterdam to the prying eyes of the Netherlands. But no one faces it more head on than Prince Jasper Vey. As close as Madelief and Jasper were in their younger years, now in their early twenties, there might as well be the distance of the entire country between them, despite living in the same palace. Madelief can’t stand the way he parades women through the hallways and flaunts his good looks and alluring status.

But when Christmas and its celebrations fall upon them, Madelief and Jasper grow back together, starkly and suddenly, with the truth of why they fell apart to begin with coming to light. Swept up in a new, irrevocable passion, Madelief and Jasper are unable to stay away from one another. But they are suddenly immersed in a world that’s against them, filled with unrelenting gazes, unstoppable challenges, and irreversible tragedy, with only the solidarity of their time alone to escape to.

This is book one with a happily for now. Book two coming soon.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, Royal romance contains elements of mystery, angst, self-discovery, sensual scenes, mild power exchange, and a happily for now

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Universal: https://books2read.com/u/47l5DA

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