Gemini Kings by Noreen Machelle

 TEASER REVEAL!!! Gemini Kings by Noreen Machelle releases February 23!!!
“HOLY MC GOODNESS! This was Noreen Machelle’s debut book… you would think she has been writing masterpieces for decades! This book was absolutely phenomenal” – Goodreads reviewer
“Amazing! Fantastic! Phenomenal! …this was my first MC romance…. and it was everything I wanted and then some.” – Goodreads reviewer
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A savage is what she craves. A gentleman is what she needs. I can be both. I’m a Gemini after all. 
She may never be able to accept my monster, but I won’t hesitate to use that part of me to protect her. I’m the VP of The Gemini Kings Motorcycle Club. Blood, violence and murder come with the territory.
I never needed more until Lilliana showed back up in my life. Now she is thawing the shriveled pieces of my cold, dead heart.
I have to find a way to prove to her that the decision to vanish from her life is one that I will regret until hell opens its gates to welcome me.
His closeness does things to me that it shouldn’t.
I lost the two men that meant the most to me on the same day. 
The day my brother died was the day Stokes vanished. 
Years later, after someone tried to have me killed, Stokes and The Gemini Kings inserted themselves into my life. 
Stokes has demons lurking beneath the surface, but that’s the kind of man you need to take care of the monsters hell bent on hurting you.
While he protects me from the monsters, I must guard my heart. 
That’s easier said than done.
I always did have a thing for the bad boys. 
Gemini Kings is the first book in The Gemini Kings MC series. It contains dirty-talking bad boys who only soften for their women. It teeters on the dark side and is best for 18+.
Chuckling, he stands offering me his hand. “Great sex makes you hungry, huh?”
I brush past him, sashaying my hips as I go. “Great? Meh. I give it a six out of ten.”
Before I can take another breath, I’m swept up in his arms. “Now you’re just being mean.”
There’s actual doubt in his eyes and that wasn’t my intention. With my mouth brushing his I tell him the truth, “I love the way you fuck me, Stokes. I love the way you tell me I’m a good girl, but most of all I love the way you love me.”
His eyes meet mine. The love I feel for him reflects back at me. “I do love you, Lilliana. So fucking much, it consumes my every thought. And what we did just now? I’ve never felt that with anyone, not even close.”
Cupping his face in my hands, I gently kiss him on the lips. He has other plans and pulls me in for a kiss that shatters my soul. When it puts itself back together again, it’s intertwined with his.

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