His Royal Plan by Jodie Larson

 Jodie Larson has revealed the cover for His Royal Plan,
Book 2 in the Lecara Duet!

Releasing April 15, 2021

How did my life spin this out of control?

What was meant to be the trip of a lifetime has devolved into utter heartbreak.

The man I thought I was falling in love with believes the worst of me, thanks in part to his scheming mother–the evil queen.

It seems as though her sole mission is to tear us apart, and she's using every dirty trick in the book.

Lies, deceit, subterfuge…this isn't what I signed up for. I don't care about the title or the prestige.

All I want is Luke.

How fitting that another lie is what I'm told will save us. My prince says he has a plan in place. To be patient. To wait.

But I'm not sure my heart can take much more.  

Cover Designer: Y'all. That Graphic.  

Preorder today for $2.99 on Amazon!

Preorder the first book in the Lecara Duet today!
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Her Royal Fling: https://bit.ly/HRFGR
His Royal Plan – https://bit.ly/HRPGR


Meet Jodie

Jodie Larson lives along the shores of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota with her husband and four beautiful daughters. Writing has always been something she enjoys and uses it as an escape, in addition to getting lost in her numerous books. Her family is highly supportive of both her love for reading and writing. A lover of all things happily ever after, she writes romantic novels because the world could use a little more love.
Connect with Jodie
Goodreads | https://bit.ly/JodieLarsonGR
Amazon | https://bit.ly/AmazonJL
Facebook | https://bit.ly/2JQ3Rkg
Facebook Group | https://bit.ly/larsonslovelies
Instagram | https://bit.ly/2XkfgM5
Twitter | https://bit.ly/3ojTWlR
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Newsletter | https://bit.ly/3niHp0S

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