Chaser by Terri L Osborn


Terri L Osborn’s Chaser is a fast paced, sexually fueled, motorbike racing, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.


Chaser - Terri L OsbornIndiana

I’m the only female motorbike racer in the MotoCR.

Most of the guys hate a woman competing in a man’s world.

Logan Cudby is no different.

We don’t get along. We’re not even in the same book.

Can we get along for the sake of my career?


I’m a Pit Crew Chief. The boss. The big cheese.

The rider does what I tell them to.

That is until I meet Indiana Scott.

Stubborn, feisty and sexy as sin. She doesn’t listen to a damn word I say.

However, I’m going to make her love my skills.

I’m up for the challenge.

There are teams who don’t want a woman racing, let alone beating them.

Chasing the championship might cost us everything.

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Chaser Flatlay

Author Bio

Stay at home Mummy by day, Author by night. I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

I enjoy reading, writing, drinking coffee and wine; my favourite being white. An avid reader of romance and crime stories, I decided to give my first romance book a go and haven’t stopped writing since. I hope you enjoy my stories.


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