Release Date: February 18

After finally deciding to take a chance on her dating life, Sophie Michaels never dreamed she’d catch her boyfriend cheating. To make things even worse, the quirky small-town boutique owner finds herself still having to put up with the selfish jerk when she has to be the Maid of Honor for her sister’s wedding. Wanna guess who’s the Best Man? 

Not wanting to face one more second with her lying, backstabbing ex, Sophie dreads every event leading up to the big day. But she gets the surprise of her life when her gorgeous crush and current star of all her explicit fantasies, Dane Kelly — aka Captain Save-A-Hoe — unexpectedly volunteers to be her fake boyfriend so she can save face in front of the man who stomped on her pride and her heart.  

Sophie knows this is a horrible idea, but how can she turn down an offer like this from the sexiest man in Magnolia Springs? Can she keep her real heart from catching feelings for her fake boyfriend? Or, just maybe, her fake boyfriend might catch real feelings for her.  

Welcome to Magnolia Springs! If you’re looking for laugh out loud moments with lots of swoon and sexy book boyfriends, then you’ve come to the right place! All the books in this series are complete standalones featuring a different couple, each with a HEA! You can enjoy these books in any order.

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Meet Elyse Kelly

Just a true southern girl, reading and writing books, asking you to love me! My books are contemporary, insta-lust/love romances, all with HEAs and no cliffhangers! 
Born and raised in Tennessee, I’m living my best life with my amazing hubby and our beautiful little princess.

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