Velocity by Leesa Bow


Leesa Bow’s Velocity is a fast-paced, emotionally charged, steamy, sports romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.


Velocity - Leesa Bow

They say opposites attract, and Jett Spencer and I couldn’t be more polar if we tried. He plays by the rules— I make my own. He is like an addiction, when his honey eyes stare at me, it’s like a shot of adrenaline fueling my system. He’s a guy every girl hopes to be their soulmate. A girl can dream, right? Only I’m done with the fantasy, and living life on the edge. The problem is he has no idea of my plan. And, I need him to pretend he doesn’t know me. Shouldn’t be a problem since he plays by the rules, right?

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Author Bio

Leesa Bow is a romance author, and sport enthusiast. Living with a sporting family helps to incorporate sporting drama behind the scenes into her stories.

If not writing, Leesa loves to read, watch sport or a Marvel movie with her family, and enjoy days at the beach.

Leesa’s bucket list is to travel the world, and embrace the many friends she has made during her writing journey.







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