Held in Contempt


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Melody is the most powerful witch the magical world has ever seen. Unfortunately, her cruel Aunt Georgia has control over her and her powers.  Sent to Adolphus Academy to enslave the most desired familiars, she needs to figure out a plan to escape her aunt before she’s forced to entrap them forever. 

She’s already bound to Dean, which he is more than satisfied with, and now all the others want her for themselves. 😏

With two rare dragons who have been looking for a witch to bond to, a handful of wolves, and a salacious fox waiting for the day they are able to claim her as their witch, Melody has her hands full. And that’s not including the shifter who was sent to the academy. Specifically for her.

Thrust in an increasingly dangerous setting, Melody and her men must find the way through a minefield of petty jealousy, uncaring staff and an aunt who is determined to have Melody and The Apex shifters, no matter the cost. 

Available on Amazon, and free on Kindle Unlimited: mybook.to/HeldInContempt


Beneath Contempt: mybook.to/BeneathContempt

Held In Contempt: mybook.to/HeldInContempt

Civil Contempt: mybook.to/CivilContmept

Held in Contempt Blurb: 

Melody needs to keep Dean and The Apex free from her aunt’s machinations, but she simply must escape Coven Bestia. Her aunt is angered by Dean’s continuing absence and wants Melody to return to the compound as soon as possible.

While she might be safer at Adolphus Academy, not everyone is happy to have her there – especially when she’s bonded to a much-desired member of The Apex.

Now Melody must juggle the needs of her new familiar, along with the urgings of six more shifters who wish to bond to her, all while dodging the catty and immature classmates and whatever her aunt is planning.

Then there is the new wolf who’s determined to have her at any cost. Yet another shifter she has to deny – without actually denying him. Her aunt’s punishments for disobedience are getting worse and there’s a good chance that she won’t survive the next one.

Two dragons, three wolves and a very sweet fox are all focussed on becoming her familiars, but Melody is struggling to adjust to her bond with Dean. She’s never been allowed to keep a familiar before.

Their beasts are urging them to claim her, to bond her, to possess her. How long can she resist these men? Freeing them from the academy means enslaving them to her aunt. There are simply no good choices and no easy solution.

All Melody wants is a chance to breathe and be “normal”. Is it too much to ask for?

**Warning, this is a dark reverse harem story with elements that may cause some readers distress, including but not limited to descriptions of physical abuse, neglect and battle. Please consider carefully before purchasing.**


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