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Joyous Lies

Women’s Fiction

Date Published: February 15, 2021

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Maelle Woolley, a shy botanist, prefers plants to people. They don’t suddenly disappear. Raised on her grandparents’ commune after her mother’s mysterious death, she follows the commune’s utopian beliefs of love for all. Then she falls for attractive psychiatrist Zachary Kane. When Zachary claims her mother and his father never emerged alive from his father’s medical research lab, Maelle investigates. What she discovers will challenge everything she believes, force her to find strength she never knew she had, and confront the commune’s secrets and lies. What happened to love? And can it survive?

About The Author

Margaret Ann Spence writes about women, the choices they make, and what happens next. Her debut novel, Lipstick on the Strawberry, published by the Wild Rose Press in 2017, won the Romantic Elements Category in the First Coast Romance Writers 2015 Beacon Contest. It was a finalist for the 2019 Eric Hoffer Book Award and in the 2019 Next Generation Indie Awards. Joyous Lies, her second novel, launches on February 15, 2021.

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The Forbidden Series

Prequel to the Forbidden Series
by Zee Shine Storm
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Sometimes the journey towards true love can be dark and twisted.

This story contains an illicit affair, erotic romance, true sexual awakening and some very flawed human beings.

An orphaned Jasmine Khan finds herself falling for and indulging in an affair with her best friend’s married brother, Hamza Qureshi, who she believes is her one true love and who showers upon her the kind of care and attention she desperately needs after she loses her family.

But life has other plans for her and throws Armaan in her path who makes her discover a sexual aspect of her nature which she had never explored.

Torn between love and lust, Jasmine must decide who she really wants to be. The heartbroken yet devoted girl who has sworn her heart to someone else’s husband or the bold and brazen woman that she finds herself becoming in Armaan’s charming company. He is sexy, sweet and incapable of taking no for an answer.

Jasmine must recognise the difference between love and lust before it is too late and she loses the man who would be willing to do anything to ensure her happiness.


Trigger warning: Infidelity

*Mature Themes 18+ readers only

**Only .99 cents!!**
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Three’s a Crowd
The Forbidden Series Book 1

When I first fell for him, the man of my dreams, I never for a moment imagined that he could be in love with someone else. I certainly did not imagine that someone else would be his long term boyfriend, the same man who had been eyeing me like he wanted to eat me alive mere weeks ago.

I had been in love with Jasper Wells since I first laid eyes on him. It felt like we were two halves of a whole. We were perfect together. So then, why did I find myself yearning for her?

From the minute I found out about her, I hated her with a passion. I wanted to destroy her for being the reason Cole decided I was no longer enough for him. But what I was not prepared for was the way she ended up destroying me.

Note: This story is an MMF romance and contains mature themes meant for 18+ readers only.

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Once a Cheater
The Forbidden Series Book 2

Sometimes, happy endings are not all they are cut out to be.

Relationships take work when misunderstandings, fights and insecurities creep in and people have to make hard choices.

‘Once a Cheater’ is a novel exploring the dark side of relationships focusing on five individuals introduced in the previous book of the FORBIDDEN series.

Join Skye, Jasper, Cole, Jasmine and Armaan as they navigate the ups and downs of a live-in relationship/marriage.

How far of a step is a person willing to take just to erase pain from their hearts? Can forgiveness be an option when someone you care about intentionally hurts you? And the most important question of all…

Can love survive betrayal?

*This story contains mature themes meant for 18+ readers only. Proceed with caution.*
Trigger warning:

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Twice Inflamed
The Forbidden Series Book 3

Two years have passed since the events of ‘Once A Cheater’.

Lives have changed. People have moved on.
Or so we think.

Sometimes, we lose ourselves in routine and obsessions just to avoid dwelling on what directions our lives are headed in. Sometimes, we even convince ourselves that we’re happy, that our mistakes have been erased over the years and time has healed our wounds.

But most of the time, we fill up that gaping hole in our chest with things and people we don’t really need, thinking that one day, we’d become whole again. One day, we’d be able to reflect ruefully on our losses but still look hopefully towards the future.

Nothing works though. Nothing takes away the pain. Nothing we do is enough. All life does now is keep reminding us at every turn that…

Letting go isn’t always that easy.

*Mature themes meant for 18+ readers only.

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Taming Wells
A Jasper Wells Novella

*Join Jasper on his journey during the first few years post moving to Pavia.

**Only .99 cents!!**
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The Forbidden Series Book 4

Spin-off novel. (Book 4 of the FORBIDDEN series.)

I’ve always been good at everything. Soccer. Girls. Grades. I don’t even have to try. My dad says I get it from him. That I remind him of the teenage version of himself.

None of it really matters to me though. I value relationships more. My friends. My family. I’d do anything for them. And in their eyes, I can never do wrong.

Except that one autumn.

When I forgot my place and ended up in bed with someone I never should have looked at the wrong way.

But it felt so good.

So good that I didn’t care if I got a little carried away. Being respectable started to seem like a chore.
So I decided to find out what it would feel like to be a little…shameless.

Trigger warning : Infidelity.
**Contains mature themes meant for 18+ readers only.

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The Forbidden Series Book 5

‘Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.’ I’d given up believing in the magic of those words. Until the day he walked into my life and changed everything.

My dream was to become a legend in the soccer world and the unwanted affections of some girl obsessed with me was not going to stand in my way. But then, she started flaunting her relationship with my father in front of me. My father, whom I’d worshipped so much before I discovered the reality of who he was.

After getting my heart broken by the same woman for the third time, I decided to do myself a favour and move on. But life threw three unexpected turns at me all at once. A son who suddenly started to hate me, a sixteen year old girl determined to bring some colour into my world. And a woman making me feel things I didn’t ever want to feel again.

He tore me apart piece by piece. Broke whatever was left of me until wickedness was my only relief. But then I got a taste of how a real man treats a girl, a man who wasn’t even aware that he was healing me slowly. A man I was determined never to let go of.
A sweet, sexy, angsty twist of a romance novel…with lots of wickedness and a HEA.****

(The final book of the ‘FORBIDDEN’ series.)

*Mature themes (18+ readers only)

**Banned on Amazon!**
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‘Lover of Batman and forbidden romances. Fiji Islands.’

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Cover Reveal

Dogs of DevTown

Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Date Published: April 16, 2021

Welcome to DevTown.

In this city, holo ads lumber like neon giants seeking advertising targets. Men and women pop Oracle tabs in search of relief or enlightenment or both. Creatures of unknown origin stalk the darkest alleys. In the center of it all, NexDev Tower looms over the city, home to hundreds of floors of top-secret research.

And in its shadow, Shan Hayes kills people for money.

Rejecting the mechanical enhancements so popular in DevTown, Shan needs only two things: The resynth serum that can reshape her body’s entire cellular structure, and her hand-cannon containing a sentient parasite capable of converting her blood into weaponized wasps.

As a hired gun for various crime syndicates, there’s little of the city’s underbelly Shan hasn’t encountered. But when a longtime business associate hires her to track down an underling who’s vanished into the neon night, Shan finds DevTown still holds secrets more deadly and terrifying than anything she could imagine.

About The Author

Taylor Hohulin is a radio personality by morning, a science fiction author by afternoon, and asleep by 9:30. He is the author of The Marian Trilogy, Tar, Your Best Apocalypse Now, and other genre-bending stories. He lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with his wife, where they are owned by two cats and a dog.

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Hunter by Lauren Dawes

Welcome to Magic Pen Book Tours‘ organized book blitz for Hunter by Lauren Dawes taking place February 22-26, 2021!

Book Details

Title: Hunter

Series: Helheim Wolf Pack Novellas #1

Author: Lauren Dawes

Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy / Single Dad Romance, True Mates Romance, Werewolf Romance, Standalone Romance

Release date: October 26, 2019

Publisher: Indie published via Vixen Publishing

Pages: 118


Hunter is still mourning the death of his mate, but being the alpha of the Alfheim pack and raising his young daughter alone has left him very little time to grieve. Refusing help, he struggles to find the balance to be the ruler his pack demands, but also the father his daughter needs.

After a run in with a rogue wolf, Ava is thrown into a strange new world where her life as a pediatric surgeon in Seattle is nothing but a distant memory. Forced to remain in the Alfheim pack until she’s cleared to return to the only life she’s ever known, she’s put up in the alpha’s house, but finds herself unable to ignore the arrogant, prickly male who pushes all her buttons and inflames her heart.

Hunter is a short story based on the characters in the Helheim Wolf Pack world. These novellas are best read in order.

Helheim Wolf Pack Novella Reading Order:

Book 1: Hunter

Book 2: Riley

Book 3: Dylan

Book 4: Oliver – coming April 13th

Book 5: Casey – coming June 8th





Alone in the dark, he wandered into the living room and sat on the couch, trying to clear his head of Ava. He wasn’t supposed to be with anyone else. He didn’t want anyone else, but his wolf, it seemed, had other ideas.

The sound of creaking floorboards made his head jerk up.

“I’m sorry.” The words were barely a whisper, yet his wolf had perked up and listened. He gritted his teeth, trying to ignore it. “I guess I fell asleep.”

Ava appeared out of the shadows, her hair piled on top of her head, her clothes rumpled from sleep. He stared at her, studied every little nuance. She was tall for a female, her hair looking more strawberry than blonde in the near darkness.

She took a step closer to him, but stopped. She glanced over her shoulder then back to him. “I can go back upstairs…”

“No.” He cleared his throat and looked away. “You don’t have to leave.”

He heard her pad a little closer, her feet coming into view in his periphery. “I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay.”

He glanced at her, narrowing his eyes on her face. Fuck, he was attracted to her—his wolf more so. Her nostrils flared delicately, drawing in the scent of his lust. Her brow furrowed but then smoothed out.

“It’s fine.”

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. “Well, I know I’m invading your personal space here. I don’t want to, believe me, but your mother is a hard woman to say no to.”

Yeah, didn’t he know it. Now that Natasha was gone, there was no female figure in power. His mom had taken control of that title temporarily…until he found another mate. He didn’t want another mate, though.

Ava, his wolf whispered. What the fuck was he thinking? He wasn’t ready to replace Natasha.

“I also wanted to let you know that if you ever want to take a break, I’m more than happy to look after Grace for you.”

He gave her an incredulous look. “Do you have a lot of experience with children?”

“I’ve had my fair share.”

“Your fair share?” he asked, baiting her.

“I’ll have you know I’m the top pediatric surgeon in Seattle,” she said is a quiet voice.

“A doctor, huh?”

She met and held his stare, but said nothing more.


“Asshole,” she muttered under her breath.

About the Author

Lauren Dawes is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance writer and the author of the Half Blood Series and the Dark Trilogy. She likes her vampires dangerous, her werewolves vicious and her Norse gods ruthless.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, hanging with her young daughter or designing book covers. She currently lives in Canberra, Australia.


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Until Tomorrow Comes by Adelaide Forres

Until Tomorrow Comes
Adelaide Forrest
(Beauty in Lies, #1)
Publication date: February 25th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance, Romance


I came for war. I left with an obsession.
With one look, Isa captivated me. She consumed me, drawing me into her world without ever knowing the dangers of mine.
I intend to make her mine, no matter what lies I need to tell to manipulate her into falling in love with El Diablo. It should be simple enough, but secrets lurk in the depths of her multicolored eyes, and I’ll do anything to understand what broke her before I had the chance.
Because she’s mine to break.


Rafael Ibarra tore through my life like a raging inferno.
Consuming every part of me he touches, he promises to show me passion and the real Ibiza. Though our tryst can never be anything but temporary, I never want to leave the man who makes me wish things were different. But there’s a nightmare hiding within his multicolored gaze, a phantom rattling at the cages who wants to devour me, to take me and claim me as his.
He’s temptation, pushing me toward sin with his wicked touch. But the sins of the flesh are different from the sins of the mind, and as much as I hate his secrets…
I will never tell him my own.

Until Tomorrow Comes is the first book in the Beauty in Lies series and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a DARK mafia romance and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion and see the specific content warnings at the front.

Goodreads / Amazon


He quirked a brow, that intense gaze of his turning unsettling as he stared down at me. “No,” he said, his lip twisting with the words. My pulse quickened, sensing that small hint of something that lurked beneath the surface. With a glance at the man standing next to the walkway up to and around the falls, I looked back to Rafael with a flare of my nostrils and purse of my lips.

I huffed in disbelief as I shook my head and fought back the surge of emotions within me. I’d been so fucking stupid to think he understood that my fear came from a place of trauma. From something not so easily overcome. Leaning into his space, I laid down the challenge I knew probably wasn’t my smartest move.

But something in the cruel set of his eyes made me want to defy him.

Something in the excited parting of his lips told me he wanted that too.

“Fuck this,” I snarled, turning on my heel and yanking my wrist out of his grip. Hiking my purse up on my shoulder, I strode down the road we’d entered in on and made for the main street. Once I had enough distance and found a safe place to settle, I’d call Hugo to come and get me.

But I’d be damned if I would get in that water with him.

“You don’t want to walk away from me, Princesa,” Rafael murmured at my back. The words crawled up my spine, insidious and menacing enough to halt me in my tracks, and I turned back to glare at him.

I swallowed my nerves, pushing down the budding fear that he brought with his carefully crafted words. Rafe could be terrifying when he wanted to be.

I just wasn’t sure if the frightening face was the mask, or if it was what really waited beneath the charming demeanor he gave me in all the other moments.

“And why is that?” I asked, pressing my lips together and turning back around to hide the slight tremble in them. He was the kind of man my grandmother warned me about with her stories. The temptation and lure of evil spirits, as they resided in people who looked just like us.

But evil couldn’t look like beauty carved in stone, could it? Even if it did explain why I burned when he touched me.

He stepped closer, until I felt the heat of his body at my back. He reached around me to grab my face and tilt it, so that I stared him in the eye with one of mine. “Because I’ll chase you,” he murmured, leaning down to touch his lips to my cheek in a slow brush of heat against my skin. His mouth slid up until his nose touched my hair, breathing me in deeply. He hummed just above my ear. “I think the real question is, what will I do when I catch you?”

I swallowed down the saliva in my mouth, clenching my eyes shut as I tried to think of an appropriate response to words like that.

What did one say, when the man she was falling head over heels in love with showed signs of being a monster?

“That isn’t funny, Rafe,” I whispered, stumbling over my own feet as he turned my body to face him. His hand gripped my hair harshly, tipping my head back until I met his unyielding gaze.

“Am I laughing, Princesa?” I shook my head slightly, wincing when his grip didn’t relent. “I promise you, I am far scarier than whatever you think lurks in that fucking water.”

He released me as suddenly as he’d grabbed me, taking a few steps away before he paused and looked back at where I stood, rooted to my spot and staring at him in horror. I looked to the road, watching as the man who stood guard puffed up his chest and stood a little taller.

It felt like I’d walked into a trap, and still didn’t understand even the basics of what it would mean for me.

A cage without walls. A pressing force on my chest.

“Don’t do it,” Rafael warned me, drawing my attention back to him. He held out a hand, waiting for me to take it. It was a test, I realized, as he forced me to decide my next move then and there. “I like it when you tell me no,” he murmured, making my breath freeze in my lungs as he tilted his head to the side and studied me. “I think I’ll like it when you fight me, too.”

Author Bio:

Adelaide always had a love for reading and writing that she cultivated with years of passion and growth before finally publishing earlier this year.
You can count on intoxicating alpha males with a twist of darkness who are captivated by the light of their women. Her romance typically involves dark romance themes, colorful language, plenty of steam, and graphic violence.
Adelaide lives in her tiny house with her husband and two rambunctious hellions who she adores. When she’s not chasing all three of them around the house, she spends all her free time writing and adding to the hoard of plots stored on her bookshelf and hard-drive.

You can find more information on her website at

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram

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Series Blitz

More Heat Than The Sun Series (Books 8 ) by John Wiltshire

more heat than the sun

Series Blog Tour & Excerpt:

More Heat Than The Sun Series By John Wiltshire

Book 8: His Fateful Heap of Days Out Now

8_Book 8JW_ Cover

Released February 26th

“Into his fateful heap of days the soul of man is cast.”

Only a few months from his fiftieth year, Nikolas is feeling a distinct wobble in his formidable certainties. Aleksey Primakov appears to have become irrelevant. All he needs, therefore, is to be dragged into an adventure with Devon’s answer to the three musketeers. How many times can he tell Ben and his moronic friends that a mutilated body buried on Dartmoor has nothing to do with them? But not only does this desecration slowly become their business, it cuts to the heart of the life they have created together. It’s just as well, perhaps, that generals never do actually retire…

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Excerpt from His Fateful Heap of Days:

“You are staring at me, yet again, Benjamin.” Ben smiled and turned to look out at the dark March night. “Stop being so beautiful then.” Nikolas huffed and muttered, “You seem to find it quite easy to ignore all this perfection when it suits you.” Ben sighed at this pointed reminder of his infidelity. He understood what he’d been doing, but he allowed that it might be difficult for others to get it quite so easily. If you hadn’t heard that voice, how could you know? But Ben knew Nikolas well enough to realise that if his infidelity with God really still bothered him, he wouldn’t mention it. That Nikolas made a frequent joke about such things only told Ben that something else was at the heart of the trouble between them. Radulf suddenly decided that silent, blind glaring wasn’t doing it at all. He rose from his reproachful hunch and came to Nikolas’s side, dropping one large, heavy paw into his lap. Nikolas ignored the gesture, but after a moment said, “I think I’ll give him a last walk before it gets too dark.” Ben smiled sadly. He never understood the silent communication between his two damaged companions, but he knew it went on. Lack of understanding seemed to be a feature of his life at the moment. But then he’d learnt this all by himself, hadn’t he? Maybe the next time someone called for him to join them, even God, he would make more effort to remember that he was already claimed, and that such summons must remain unheeded. Loving Nikolas Mikkelsen, after all, was an all-consuming pastime. A man should only ever have one God. Such apostasy leaves a void, and another had stepped in to fill it. Once more, Ben gave himself a mental shake. Nikolas was here with him. It was enough. During their long relationship, Ben had experienced moments when he’d thought life could not improve in any way, that things seemed so ideal they should be held in abeyance, a miniature, perfect existence suspended under glass. Recently he’d come to wonder whether he’d been seeing it all wrong. Their lives more resembled a roller coaster. All he’d occasionally enjoyed were the brief pauses when it halted at the top of a long, painful rise. One pure instance of relief that the grind and pull were over, that now they could just stop and savour the view. But roller coaster moments of still calm had deceitful provenances. Ben knew only too well what came after those pauses for breath. So, rather than acknowledging those tiny clock-ticks of perfection and thinking that all was secure in their lives, he’d started accepting them now as merely respites. Welcome—appreciate them while he could—but don’t let go the fucking handrail for a moment. He sighed and suggested, “Let’s climb the tor.” Nikolas nodded and glanced at the puppy, but he was asleep, for once, and so did not get roused for this last exercise of the day.
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Go back to were is all began…

Book 1: Love Is A Stranger

1_book1JW_ Cover

Loving a total stranger can be very hard work sometimes. How do you love someone who exists entirely in the shadows? How do you love a man who describes himself as dead? How do you get that ghost to love you back?

Ex-SAS soldier Ben Rider falls in love with his enigmatic married boss Sir Nikolas Mikkelsen, but Nikolas is living a lie. A lie so profound that when the shadows are lifted, Ben realises he’s in love with a very dangerous stranger. Ben has to choose between Nikolas and safety, but sometimes danger comes in a very seductive package.

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Book 2: Conscious Decisions of the Heart

2_book2JW_ Cover

Ben Rider and Nikolas Mikkelsen learn that danger comes in all shapes and sizes and often in places you least expect it. Nikolas’s dark past calls to him, inexorably dragging him back into its seductive embrace.

While he goes on an errand of mercy to Russia, Ben travels to Denmark to learn Nikolas’s language. Convinced Russia’s vastness will swallow Nikolas, Ben doesn’t see the enemy much closer to home. Thinking he has lost Nikolas, Ben then makes a terrible decision that threatens to destroy everything they have together.

Focused on this very personal horror, bound by a new level of commitment, they have no idea that a greater threat is coming. And when it arrives, it changes everything—even the definition of commitment.

Warning: This story contains the violent death of a minor character and some graphic violence and gay sex.

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Book 3: The Bridge of Silver Wings

3_Book 3JW_ Cover

Nikolas and Ben discover that bonds aren’t forged with blood or scars, but in the hearts of men strong enough to love.

Siberia in winter isn’t a place for good men. There is nothing Nikolas won’t do to keep Ben alive. Nikolas has exorcised his demons, but when they end up stranded in Russia, the monster inside needs to be let loose. Ben discovers the truth of the adage, ‘be careful what you wish for’!

Home again, Nikolas then faces an enemy he can’t defeat: Ben Rider himself. Discovering a new family, Ben realizes he’s been living too long in the shadows cast by Nikolas’s all-consuming love. For the first time, life apart from Nikolas is possible.

Is Nikolas strong enough to let Ben go?

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Book 4: The Other Country

4_Book 4JW_ Cover

Nikolas is the sanest, straightest, person Ben knows, so can anyone tell him, why is he on a gay therapy course?

Nikolas Mikkelsen could make a very long list of unpleasant things he’s endured in his life. Then order it from ‘nearly killed me’ to ‘extremely horrific and don’t want to do again’. And what did it say about his forty-five years that being hit by a tsunami would be a considerable way down this list? But nothing, not torture, imprisonment, nor starvation has prepared him for what he now has to endure for Ben Rider’s sake-attendance on a residential, gay therapy course. At least he has a new contender for the top spot on his ‘my awful life’ list.

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Book 5: The Bruise-Black Sky

5_Book_JW_ Cover template

Released February 5th

It’s either a brave or a stupid person who threatens anything Nikolas Mikkelsen loves.

Ben usually overlooks Nikolas’s occasionally jarring dissonance. Not this time. A deep rift, a terrible lie, separates them. Eleven thousand miles from Nikolas, in New Zealand, it’s bitter winter as Ben films the tragic story of a post-apocalyptic gladiator, a victim of his own personal darkness. But on receiving a death threat, Ben suspects the truth of actor Oliver Whitestone’s suicide. Someone doesn’t want this movie made. It’s fortunate for Ben, therefore, that dissonance is a state of unrest, a longing for completion. As if Nikolas would stay at home in disgrace while Ben Rider-Mikkelsen becomes the target of a crazed stalker…

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Book 6: Death’s Ink-Black Shadow

6Book_JW_ Cover

Released February 12th

“Learn to love death’s ink-black shadow as much as you love the light of dawn.” Yeah? Well, Nikolas doesn’t do early mornings.

It takes a certain kind of courage to live as if favoured by the Gods, ignoring the ever-present ghosts of your past–or perhaps not bravery, but arrogance. And maybe not even that. Ben genuinely believes that the past is behind them—that they deserve to enjoy the life they have created. So it’s not hubris that leads him to overlook the signs that Nikolas does not share his faith, it’s love. But Nikolas knows something is coming. He can’t stop it; he can only decide how he will choose to face it. And without Ben’s support, he is entirely alone.

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Book 7: Enduring Night

7_Book 7JW_ Cover

Released February 19th

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Nikolas has always liked art. You’d have thought that Ben and Nikolas would have learnt that their romantic holidays inevitably end up as disasters. A short break on the polar ice sees them trapped in a nightmare of murder and deceit. Neither of them, however, foresees the long-term impact that endless winter has on their relationship. They return with a metaphorical darkness that threatens everything they have created together. Desperate and fearing for Nikolas’s life, Ben makes a bargain with a surprising ally. For the first time, Nikolas meets an enemy more powerful than he is. But fortunately, not as sneaky…

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More Heat Than The Sun Series

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About John:

John Wiltshire is the pen name. The author was born in England, but she travelled widely whilst serving in the British Army, living in the States and Canada and Europe. She retired at the rank of Major, and finally settled in New Zealand.

To date the author has written 14 novels.

Connect with John: Amazon Page | Goodreads

Book Blitz

Cinderellis by Evie Drae

Evie Drae
(Once Upon a Vegas Night #2)
Publication date: February 25th 2021
Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, LGBTQ+, Retelling, Romance

As the son of music industry royalty and a famous rock star in his own right, Henry “Cinder” Cinderford has spent his life on the road. Craving stability, he signs on to do a special limited engagement in Las Vegas and plans to spend the next six months discovering the meaning of home.

After losing his mom at a young age, Ellis Tremaine survived a childhood with an abusive stepfather who took out his anger on the son he never wanted. Nearly two decades later, Ellis continues to struggle against the emotional manipulations of his family, even in his career. But when he meets none other than the Prince of Pop himself, things start to change.

From attraction to friendship to something so much more, Ellis and Cinder become the celebrity ‘ship known as “Cinderellis.” But when reality threatens their storybook romance, all they can do is hope there really is a happily ever after for every once upon a time.

Goodreads / Amazon


Ellis leaned his elbows on the handrail of the narrow metal catwalk overlooking the frontstage area and closed his eyes, allowing the music below to encompass him from all sides. Surrounding his senses. Filling his soul.

About three-quarters of the way through Cinder’s set, there was a song that dripped with passion and heart, making exquisite use of his stunning vibrato. It had become a favorite of Ellis’s almost from the get-go, most especially because its simplicity allowed him a moment to breathe, to open himself, and to fall heart-first into the music.

The constantly moving parts of the high-concept production ground to a halt during those three minutes and forty-two seconds. The fly space he occupied went still and quiet as a single bloodred spotlight focused on center stage, highlighting a lone wooden stool and a microphone stand. Following his third wardrobe change of the night, clad in skintight black jeans and a white ribbed tank, Cinder stepped onto the stage clutching the neck of an acoustic guitar. As if on cue, the audience swooned into the orchestrated mood change.

They all knew what came next, and with a soft, collective gasp, the whole theater held its breath. Then, like the beat of a heart, as Cinder rested a hip on the stool, adjusted the strap of his guitar, and drew the microphone close, the crowd exhaled as one.

With the first note of the now familiar song, Ellis’s chest tightened. Music had always held an important place in his life, affecting him in ways he couldn’t explain. But nothing in his twenty-six years on this earth had ever latched on to his very being the way Cinder could with his haunting tenor as it trembled up an octave before plunging in both register and depth. Straight into his heart.

He looked forward to this brief respite more and more each day, surprised to find himself curious about the man who made such soul-moving compositions. Ellis rarely cared about anything other than the music itself, but something about Cinder’s music was different. Something about Cinder was different; Ellis just couldn’t put his finger on what.

Growing up in Vegas with a stepfather in show business, Ellis had never been impressed by celebrity. He admired the effort that went into reaching and maintaining stardom, but he could say the same thing about a lot of jobs out there. If someone put in a full day of hard work, they earned his respect, no matter what the end goal or result.

But Ellis’s curiosity over Cinder wasn’t based on the novelty of his fame or even over the man himself. It was the music Ellis yearned to delve deeper into. It affected him in ways he didn’t understand, but he wanted to. It was like Cinder saw into a part of Ellis even he had never known was there, and he needed to know why… and how?

He wanted to put a face to the voice if only to prove Cinder was real. To prove the responses he drew from Ellis weren’t figments of his imagination. To prove he was still capable of emotions that ran so deep they could penetrate the walls he’d built around his fractured heart after his mom’s death.

To prove he could still feel.

Author Bio:

Evie Drae (Ze/Hir/Hirs) is a registered nurse by day and a best-selling, award-winning male/male romance writer by night. Ze has won first place in seven Romance Writers of America® (RWA®) competitions, including the prestigious title “Best of the Best” in the 2018 Golden Opportunity Contest. Ze was a double finalist in the 2019 Golden Heart® in both the Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense categories.

One of Evie’s favorite things to do is encourage hir fellow writers. To that end, ze started the #writeLGBTQ and #promoLGBTQ hashtags on Twitter to support and promote LGBTQ+ authors and allies while providing a safe space to connect and grow as a community. Ze is married to the love of hir life, is the parent of two wonderful fur babies, and runs almost entirely on coffee and good vibes.

Evie loves to link or find hir on hir social media accounts listed below. Twitter is where ze’s most active but be sure to check out hir blog too. Ze focuses on reviews for LGBTQ+ authors and allies with the occasional quirky advice/recommendation post just to toss things up.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub / Pinterest / Newsletter / Queer Romance Ink

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The First Man by Alex Kelly

The First Man
Alex Kelly
(From Connemara With Love #2)
Publication date: February 25th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance


Do you want to know what it means to live like me?
It means being forced not to look at him, not to touch him, not to be left alone in the same room as him.
Not to seek him out. Not to want him.
Not to love him.
Do you know how it feels to spend your entire life pretending to be someone else? Do you know what it’s like to love someone who doesn’t want to be loved?
I’ll tell you how it feels.
It feels as if you’re living in constant torment: you know which path you should follow, but you also know that, if you follow that path, you can never turn back.
And I can’t do that to him.
Every day I come back, because I know that he’s waiting for me.
Every day I promise him that he will never have to live without me.


Do you know what it means to live like me?
It means being forced not to touch him, not to kiss him, not to be able to leave the room while he’s still in it.
Not to breathe him in, not to lust after him.
Not to love him.
Do you know how it feels to spend your entire life pretending to be someone else? Do you know what it’s like to love the only person you’re not allowed to love?
I’ll tell you how it works.
You can’t seem to feel anything other than him; when you walk away, you know that you’re turning your back on the only thing that’s good in your life.
Yet you still walk away.
Every day I leave, knowing that he will be standing there, watching.
Every day I ask him to promise me that I will never have to live without him.

Goodreads / Amazon


He turns towards me, and I immediately regret getting so close to him, in the darkness, the roads around us almost deserted. No one can see us. I regret even coming here tonight, having watched him for three hours with my stomach in flames. I can’t believe I thought I could do this.

I can’t believe I told him that we couldn’t do this.

Not that it’s easy every day, seeing him in a crowd, always surrounded by friends, or with his family. Paddling around in a kayak, or playing a gig, talking, laughing.


He moves quickly, grabbing my face between his hands and bringing it closer to his, until our foreheads are touching. I can’t feel anything, can’t think, can’t speak; his hands are touching me, holding me against him. His large, warm hands are against my skin. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed them until I felt their heat again. I didn’t think that wanting them on me, all over me, would be so painful.

And then, Andy kisses me, stripping me of my anger and making me forget why it was even there in the first place.

I grab hold of his wrists as he pushes against my mouth, breathing into me, reminding me of the reason I could never want anyone else.

Andy’s kisses aren’t easy to handle: they’re strong and powerful, fuelled by impatience and uncontrollable desire.

Andy’s kisses are laced with bitterness and silence. They taste of lost nights and bad timing.

Andy’s kisses taste of lies, of shortness of breath. They taste of mistakes and decisions we never made.

Andy’s kisses are pain and regret; they’re anxiety and frustration; they’re darkness and desperation.

I hate Andy’s kisses. I hate them so much that I can’t help but love them.

Author Bio:

Alex Kelly writes uplifting, emotional and heartwarming Romantic Fiction and Family Sagas.

She’s a bibliophile, a Yogi, a lover of English literature and a baking enthusiast.

She was born in Italy but lives in Ireland with her husband, two children and a cat named Oscar.

Also writes as A. S. Kelly.

More at:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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#BRVL #26 February Author Spotlight – L. N. Manning


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#Spotlight with @BookReviewVirginiaLee | #BookReviewVirginiaLee


Title: Healing His Heart

Series: Crescent Edge Pack

Author: L. N. Manning

Message to Readers:

Books can be read as stand alone, but if read in order you learn more about the side characters


Bruce Lawson has been through a lot in his life, having lived through tyranny and helping to start a new pack with his friends. But having to hide who and what he was for so long left him starved for love and affection, which didn’t always allow him to make the best choices.

Rhys Edmon is an ancient shifter from a breed whose existence is largely unknown. But for the last hundred years, he has felt a pull in his chest, not knowing what it was or where it was leading him, until the moment he sees the most beautiful man he has ever laid eyes on.

When their shifter way of life comes under threat and people start disappearing, can these two newly found mates weather the storm barreling toward the small town of Crescent Edge? Can they stand together while keeping the members of the Crescent Edge Pack safe, or will this threat destroy the only family Bruce has ever known?


Purchase $3.99

𝗗𝗼𝘄𝗻𝗹𝗼𝗮𝗱 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗹𝗲 𝗨𝗻𝗹𝗶𝗺𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱

#KU #MMRomance #Shifters



Hi, my name is L. N. Manning.
I live in Texas, where we love our men hot and our steaks rare. I am a 41-year-old, disabled, proud momma to two annoying yet adorable fur-babies and a very proud Diet-Coke-aholic! I love to cook, I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl, but I can’t bake worth a damn.



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