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Teaching with the Enemy by Jaqueline Snowe


NOW LIVE!!! Teaching with the Enemy by Jaqueline Snowe is available now!!!
“an incredible story, I couldn’t put it down!” – The Book Lover
“relatable characters, steamy love scenes, and a plot that had me hooked to the very end!” – Goodreads reviewer
“Brilliant enemies-to-lovers book” – Goodreads reviewer
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Gilly Carter has kept her lofty inheritance a secret from her coworkers, knowing first-hand how money changes people. But when she’s forced to rely on more than her bank account, will she rise to the task?

After winning teacher of the year last spring, she’s pumped to begin the new school year. Her fantasies of rainbow colored bookshelves and students giggling at her math puns are dampened when she discovers Christopher Callahan, a one-night stand who ghosted her, is not only her co-worker, but they’re paired together to teach first grade.

While he’s kind to everyone else, Christopher doesn’t even try to hide his distaste for Gilly. He turns his nose up at her extravagant classroom decorations and accuses her of not teaching from her heart. When Christopher challenges her to a spirit week competition where neither of them can spend a cent, Gilly doubles down: she freezes her funds for the entire month, vowing to live off her teacher’s salary alone.

As they grow from enemies to lovers, Gilly knows she must come clean with Christopher about being an heiress, but a bigger threat looms—a blast from the past well-versed in blackmail.

With the freeze on her funds, Gilly is forced to do things the hard way. But if she loses Christopher in the process, no amount of cash will heal her broken heart.
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